Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wherein We Take To The Trails

Wednesday I took both my kids out on the trails for the first time this year, and it was also the first time ever for Chamie since we have been reunited, although we used to trail ride all the time back in the day.  I rode Miles, and my friend and fellow boarder Amanda rode Chamie.

It was a spectacular first outing.  I hadn't ridden Miles in a week, and Chamie hadn't been ridden in over a month.  The weather was perfect, and the horses were both lovely, with only a few shenanigans (all Miles, and tiny at that-a kick at a bug here, a throw of the head and a dance there).  We trekked along for about a half hour.  Longer would have been nice, but Chamie got sore at the end:(  She was an eager beaver the whole ride, keeping up with Miles and stepping out just fine, with no prodding from Amanda.  By the end of the ride, though, she was gimpy on her left front, with some minor swelling.  We both felt really awful, but after buting that night she has been ok.  The swelling is still there, and though it is minor, I no like.  Boo.

I'm going to get the vet on the horn soon and ask about his recommendations for her.  I don't expect her to be a regular riding horse, but I would love her to be able to do a trail ride every week or two (especially now that we know how great she is).  Will injections help?  Another supplement (doubtful, but you never know)?  A bute regiment?  Maybe nothing will make her trail sound.  That would suck, but it would be ok.  She is loving her life at pasture with Miles and Bliss, which is what is most important.  Today she asserted her boss mare self with Bliss while I was scratching her ears in the pasture, keeping Bliss at a distance with her evil mare face.  Not going to lie, it was cute, even if a wee inappropriate.  Her personality has really started to shine since she's been out in a big field with her little herd-I think her defenses have finally come down and she has relaxed into her new life.

I know my old girl is happy.  Now I want her to be as comfortable as possible as well, being able to walk as much of the 100 plus acres we have access to as she can.  It was obvious to me she loved it-no balking, no jigging when turning home, just walking next to Miles, turning her head this way and that, with a soft expression of interest and confidence.  It sucks when they get old:(

Chamie says to take your "old" label and shove it.

After the trail ride, Amanda took a couple of pictures of Miles and me-he was a wee put out that I actually made him work-I told him a jump of this size is hardly work.

Why yes, that would be an OTTB shirt from Laz's mom, why do you ask?

All in all, more of the same-can't complain.

Miles loves the fellas too-here he is with Blue, our resident yearling Paint.  Those two would be 
T R O U B L E if they ever took on the town together.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Has Excuses

My posting has been...sporadic, to say the least.  This is because on March 2, my grandmother passed away after suffering another stroke while she was in assisted living.  She had such a hard year...it was neither unexpected, nor a relief.  Anyway, she is at peace.

So, we had a graveside service, and a memorial service.  Also, we're moving into her house.  It's like, twice the size of our current house, with a beautiful yard for the dogs (she always took great pride in her yard).  I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to be able to live in this house that was a second home to me growing up.

But, it's work.  Oy, is it a lot of work.  My grandma saved everything, as her generation was wont to do, and as my husband has the same habit, there is a TON of stuff to sort, sell, recycle, and throw out.  It's a huge project.  Not to mention, we have to get our house ready to sell *cue whimpering*.

All this to say, blogging is like, 20th in importance on my to-do list (although I TOTALLY love seeing how my readership is down every time I log on.  Thanks Blogger!  Awesome feature.).  It will not always be so, but right now I just don't have the time or the inspiration, frankly.

I have been riding, and out to the barn at least 3 to 4 times a week.  Not enough, but it's been keeping me sane.  I've had some amazing rides on Miles, and Chamie is doing so, so well.  She turned 27 on Cinco de Mayo, can you believe it?!  I can't.  She's got some grey, but she looks AMAZING.  Totally shiny and fat (but not too fat!).  She's also so, so happy, being out with Miles and Bliss, an Arab mare.  She was so adorable today...after I turned her and Miles out, she stuck around for scratches and pettings, putting herself gently but firmly between Miles and me.  When Miles gave up and sauntered off with Bliss, she stayed with me, for the first time since she came back to me.  Love my old girl.  What a gift to have a second chance with her.

 She looks dynamite in pink.  Also, she is not attached to the coiled mess of rope next to her:)

Miles.  What can I say about him?  He is beyond gorgeous right now, shiny and fat (for him!) and content and calm.  He had a couple days where he reverted to insecure cray-cray TB when a new herd of horses moved into the pasture next to him and His Mares, but he settled after 2 days and is back to the boy I can ride after 2 weeks of no real work without lunging.  Complaints?  I hasn't them.


Miles lurves Derby Day!

I think my readership is tiny enough that I feel comfortable giving out my name, for those that would like to follow our adventures on Facebook-that's really where all my horsey updates are these days.  Search for Sarah Szwejda, and find out how ridiculous I really am:) 

R ownr iz batshit.  Luckie wez out-numburz hur.

PS-I'll Have Another?  I don't care how controversial his trainer is.  I want a triple crown winner in my lifetime already!  Come on pretty red colt!