Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mush Abounds, You Are Warned

Milez sayz, "Go Michigan State!"

Remember how I used to post about riding and my progress with Miles' training? Yeah, good times:) There HAS been riding, though - not as much as I would like, but I try not to let a week go by without getting on Miles and doing our thing.

Yesterday was especially lovely. He's been so sweet and relaxed lately, but I hadn't ridden him outside yet. I reallllly didn't feel like lunging him, so I looked that sweet boy in his big brown eyes and said, "I trust you." Then I led him over to the mounting block, got on, and we walked outside to the arena.

I had forgotten my crop, but it didn't matter. He was so wonderful with me, responding to a cluck and a nudge from my calves to turn it up a notch. I had him literally on the buckle in our trot warm up - his nose was stretched alllllll the way down, stretch stretch stretch, his back up, rhythmic one two one two pace for 2 full laps around the arena. Glorious.

Canter work...I literally only thought canter and BOOM, there it was, in all its balanced, effortless glory. You know how sometimes your horse gives you that sweet spot, to sit into them instead of on them? Yeah, that. We did a few circles, I took him over a pole on the ground (he left from a long spot when I asked him to), and we called it a day. He's still so wooly and it's so hot I don't want to work him too much just yet. We finished by walking outside the arena, around the trees and in some fields. He was incredible - relaxed and yet interested, forward without a hint of "hot".

The next time someone tells me OTTBs are crazy I'm going to have to try harder than usual to refrain from laughing in their face. At 11 years old, Miles is now literally the perfect horse I would have created if such a thing were possible. I know not every day will be as amazing as yesterday, but I think there will be more and more as our relationship continues to grow. He loves to work and I love that he loves it. He doesn't need lunging most days (honestly, it's more for me than him at this point). He loves the lady ponies but could not be more respectful of them. He likes to play on the lead line occasionally, but it's because he is HAPPY, not because he's being a jerk.

I had a dream the other night that I had to sell him. People kept telling me it's ok, you will find another horse you will love just as much. I woke up with tears in my eyes because no - he is like, The One. There will never be another Miles for me. It scares me to love an animal that much, because we know how fragile they are.

It makes days like yesterday that much more special though, too. I know how lucky I am, blessed, all of it, to have this boy in my life. I hope he knows it. I hope I make him happy too.

Ack with the mush! Ah well, it's been awhile since I've done an ode to Miles post:)

Chamie is also doing great - I don't mean to disappear her. She has been very sweet (especially in heat, arg), but I haven't been working with her much at all, other than doing some walking exercises in the arena. She DOES get lots of love and cookies, and comes into the barn every single time I'm there for a good brush and hoof picking...she gets as much barn time as Miles. I broke down last week and had our farrier put shoes on her fronts and she is SO much more comfortable. Until we do x-rays we won't know what we're dealing with, but she was wearing her feet so unevenly and was SO uncomfortable I'm not going to let my bias for barefoot be responsible for her continued discomfort. She is 26 and deserves the best. She is walking and trotting SO much better now. I hope to bring her out on the trails next week.

I hope you're all having tremendous fun with your horses as well. Happy weirdly, early, bizarrely warm Spring!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

One Month

I know, I know. Sigh. How can so much happen in a whole month and yet nothing at all? Well, nothing I'm going to blog about, anyway. Oy, what a month.

BUT! The weather is fricking AMAZING and things are looking up! OK, to be honest, the weather is bizarre and it totally freaks me out that the forcast for the next week is sunny and in the 70s every day. In. March. In. MICHIGAN. What up with that? End Times, that's what. Mosquitos the size of hummingbirds are right around the corner, true fact.

All the sunshine has brought out Chamie's, ahem, amorous side (sigh, AGAIN. This is the 2nd heat she's had since November). It has also brought out my horrible punny side and desire to make my horses speak really awful lolcat.

Brown Mare: "Pssst. Hey. Hey Big Guy. I has a seekrit."

Brown Boy: OMG you're talking to me? For seryous??

Brown Boy: Waaaaiiiiit. Miles feels suspishus. U gon' pull a Lucy an' take mai futball away? I am a sensative boi with the deep feelings an' u hurts me wif ur squels an' kickey feets.

Brown Mare: Shaddup an' lissin. Comes closer. Looks deep into mines eyes.

Brown Mare: I wants to haves ur behbehs. LOTS AND LOTSA BIG BROWN BEHBEHS!!!

Brown Boy: I don' think we're supposeda. Momz gits mad at meeee....

Brown Mare: No? Howz abouts now? D'you like-a mai sexxyfayce?
Brown Boy: Ur sexxyfayce skares me. Pleez stops.

Later that day....

Brown Boy: Hullo Cody-girl, my luvs, you woodn't beleeve whut ol' brown mare said to Miles!

Brown Boy: She wanna hav mai big brown behbehs!
Cody: I will cut her. How do you feel about big dun behbehs?

Wimminz iz crayzee. The cheez stands alone.