Friday, October 26, 2012

Oh, Hey! Hi! How's It Going?

Ugh, I am a blogger fail.  Seriously, I can't believe the last time I updated this space was in JULY.  Fail Fail FAIL, all on me.

All my fail makes chubby 3-legged kitteh fall down, go night-night.

One of the major reasons for my fail is because I was working a job that was literally sucking the life and creativity out of me until about 3 weeks ago.  It's hard to have anything left when it's all you can do to get through 8 to 10 hours every day.  In some ways, it was an extremely rewarding position-I had a role in making a program strong and robust and everything I envisioned for it.  In (many) other ways, it was incredibly sad to see those efforts be all for naught.  Anyway. Long story short, I applied for and got a position with our local food bank 3 weeks ago, and I LOOOOVE it so far-seriously, since I was laid off a year ago, it finally feels like I'm doing what I want again.

Lo, I know that you don't care about my career:)  You want to hear more about him!

And maybe her, my sweet Senior Chamie.

Just because I haven't been writing doesn't mean I don't have anything to write about (er, maybe that's debatable).  This summer and fall I haven't ridden nearly as much as I need or want to-yet every time I do I have I ask myself why I'm not riding all the frigging time.  Miles turned 12 on October 16th, and he's truly in his prime-he is the best kind of horse.  The one who you can ride after he hasn't felt a saddle in 2 weeks and not need to lunge or anything-he is that horse. 

Last night, we took a trail ride in 40 mph gusts of winds and he was up, yes-only because he was SO happy when I pointed him at the trail instead of the arena.  To be clear, Miles' "up" these days is a shake of the head and sometimes a cute little passage-he just loves to explore.  I could FEEL his disappointment when the trail turned to take us back to the barn-he wanted to keep going!  I told Amanda, our trail buddy with her super mare Cody, that I will never get that beautiful, forward, bouncy walk in the arena. That is Miles' Dora the Explorer walk-if I had a trailer (and any kind of stamina of my own) I swear he would be the best endurance horse of them all.  What can't an OTTB do?

Lo, he is a handsome chub, is he not?  I sure do like him fleshy.

That's all for now-I have to save some content if I want to write more than once a frigging quarter.  I'll leave you with the happiest Golden face ever.

Feels good to be back!