Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Oh Hai!

I will fully admit that while sitting here deciding what to write (because omg I had to write SOMETHING) I dozed off. I have been officially employed full time for 3 days, and y'all, I am SPENT.

Granted, I did work a 12 hour day today, so there is some excuse. I LOVE my job so far though-I'm swamped already but not overwhelmed, and the work is exciting and challenging, and really unless someone is going to pay me a living wage for working with horses and dogs, it's everything I could ask for in a career. Still, other things are falling by the wayside-like blog time, both writing and reading not to mention commenting (oh, I know I'm losing readers by the day, but what can you do?), and pony time (that IS why I started blogging, after all).

Boy and Girl are doing well. The weather here is freakishly warm-I'm not kidding, it's a more than a little worrisome to me. Do I love riding in 50 degree weather? Um, yeah, I'm not dead. Still, it's so bizarre for this time of year. I can't help but worry that this is all going to lead to an unbearably hot and BUGGY summer, and we all know how well Miles deals with bugs. I hope and pray this is not the case.

Hey, unrelated item! (tired brain has no sense of writing continuity)-remember how I let Miles roll in the indoor ring and posted that cute video of him doing so? Yeah, NOW he thinks every time we step into the indoor ring he should be able to drop and roll. He actually tried doing so with my saddle on him the day after I took that video and I almost had a heart attack as I yanked on his lead. That's ALL I need is a saddle with a broken tree. I feel bad because he really does not like being blanketed and he IS itchy, but a time and a place and all that. Hopefully a couple nekkid days outside will help.

Item! Ponies got their toesies trimmed last Friday. Mile's feet are frigging crazy good-he's got some great concavity going on and there is no question now he's staying barefoot. I may get my rock cruncher feet yet! He's moving like well-oiled machinery and I only wish I was utilizing that power under saddle more than twice a week. I try to also lunge him at least one time a week, but still I wish I was doing more. It's a damn shame to waste a sound, happy OTTB:) SPEAKING of...are you guys reading the Retired Racehorse Training Project? If not, for shame! Go forth, read, and sin no more. Solidify is my favorite...I bet none of you could guess that;)

Chamie's feet are less great. She was sore after her trim (as my farrier warned she may be). He's great at what he does, very patient, and does corrective trimming very slowly, so if HE admits his work may make a horse slightly sore, it's for good reason. Her feet were just that bad, unfortunately-the first time he trimmed them he said he only saw feet like that on neglect cases. Yep. She's moving better now though. I'm not having her do more than walk "work" until Spring, and only leading her, no more lunge if it can be helped. I hope to start taking trail walks with her and Miles soon. I'm also painting her soles in Venice Turpentine, in case that helps...although it seems less of an issue now that the earth is made of soft sod and mud.

Item! Laz's mom is making super cool OTTB t-shirts. Because she rocks, and because her baby and Miles are kin, she sent me one. I love it and want another, because Lebowski has stolen mine. Go git your own here!

I sleeps like my momz and dreams of mai own poneee.

And...there's my news. I know, snore (I also dozed off typing all this...I don't think that says much for my content). Even if I'm not commenting on your blog, I'm probably still reading it when I can. It's hard transitioning back into a grown-up. I comfort myself by dreaming of dollar bills-so many dollar billzzzzzzzzzzSnorezzzzzz........


  1. Haha, go to bed. Work is hard.

    Seriously. I think I was ready for bed at 8.30 last night.

  2. Hah, I love the t-shirt!
    Yes, I'm following the RRTP as well. What a great way to promote the versatility of the awesome OTTBs out there.

  3. Man - loving the RRTP! And Solidify is to die for. What a sweet willing horse. It will be a crying shame if his dressage talent isn't exploited.

    Boo for work - yay for $$$$$$$!

  4. I watched Brazil take a trail hack the other day on FB, it was glorious! What a fun thing they are doing on RRTP!
    I love that the OTTB love runs deep through the whole fam!! xo

  5. Shoot..I did not think of a HOT/BUGGY summer. I hope we do NOT get that b/c that = angry ponies.

  6. I love the stream of consciousness, personally. :)

    Solidify is lovely,yes. But I'm afraid that Four X the Trouble has my heart. I know. Of course he does and am I crazy? Yes. Yes I am.

    Glad you love your job, that's very awesome! I'm currently down to half-time, so I will ride and blog for you, 'kay? :)