Thursday, June 28, 2012

If You're Looking For Original Content

Ha Ha, jokes on you!  Still, I had to link to this post from News from Aspen Meadows -  she posted a lovely poem from a fellow OTTB enthusiast.  Really great writing.

Miles and Chamie are melting in 95 degree temps but want me to say "What's Up" for them.  They are doing spectacularly for the most part.  I've just been taking super-chill rides in the fields and on the trails with my best boy.  It's been a very nice summer so far.

Hope to have something worth writing about (ahem, universe, no catastrophes please) soon.  The most exciting thing around these parts lately is the fact that I've finally found a fly mask Miles can't remove in an hour.  Unless you're Dave Barry, it's hard to make that stuff fun to read.  I am no Dave Barry.  Kisses to your ponies!


  1. Ha! I gave up on a fly mask for Harley--every day I had to go find in in the field. I think he rubbed it off while scratching.
    Happy trail riding and thanks for sharing that lovely poem. I so enjoy reading blogs among the OTTB community--what everyone is up to, how they school their horses, etc.

  2. Hi Sarah! I'm so glad you stopped by and saw my post. You were definitely one of the people I wrote that for. :)

  3. Mind don't remove their own fly masks, oh no. Lena's Mustang neighbor Winston removes hers and Forrest removes Calabar's. Katie never bothered with Forrest and now none of them get one. Bah.