Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day! Meet the Herd

So, what's more interesting than pictures of other people's animals-animals they know and love because of all their quirks and eccentricities, but just look like average mutts and cats to you? Nothing, right? So meet my crew.

This is my Kyle, long suffering husband, with CatButt, the cat with all her legs. She is named for, ahem, her rather large, perfectly circular you-know-what. I know it's awful and weird and gross. We tried to name her Luna. It just didn't stick. She's too cool for school and loves Kyle more than me, but I'm not bitter...much:)

Here is my lovely Three-Legs, aka Lil' Kitty (ugh, I KNOW, we truly suck at cat names). She is vocal and neurotic and I loves her.

The dawgs...Lebowski is in front, Samuel is the light and fluffy one, and of course ancient Mojo is the black (well, black and now very grey). Lebowski is my golden boy, literally the nerd of the class, always trying to please and do tricks for pettings. Samuel is fairly new to the crew-we adopted him from Animal Control last June so we've had him about a year now. Also known as Sammy Pickles, he loves pettings as well and all things food. He's our big lumpy teddy bear. Everyone loves this guy. Mojo has been with me since 1999, when I was working at a vet clinic and someone brought her in after finding her starving and wandering around a parking lot. She has issues, but is now in the twilight of her life and is really just a sweet old lady most days. MOST days;)

I love my crew, I really do. Most days I feel like all I do is feed-water-walk-work the job that allows us to afford all these beasts-come home-walk-water-feed. I also try to squeeze in barn visits somehow at least 2 to 3 days during the work week as well. Speaking of Miles!! What would a photo blog be without him?

Showing off his Michigan State Spartan Spirit during March Madness. He's a HUGE College Basketball fan:) He's also a fan of spring grass, in case you can't tell. This was the best shot I could get that day.

His best "how you doin?" impression. I love that nose. Smoochable!


  1. It's the whole crew! I can't believe you've had Sammy for a year now! Love those dogs :)

  2. Thanks Janna! I can't believe we've only had Sam a year...he fits in well and it feels like he's been here forever:)