Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oy, the HEAT already

Um, obviously these pictures were taken on another planet, far far away. To counteract the heat, please to enjoy these pics of Miles and LaShore cavorting in the snu snu. Seeing these makes me want to smack my own self for kvetching about the weather!

Still, it's going to be like 90 degrees today. Since I can rarely get myself to the barn before noon (herd to feed, water and walk, don't forget. I should also probably shower, maybe.), no riding today. I'll still stop out to see my boy and throw some hay in the pasture, as well as feed him his beet pulp mash. Extra calories for my lean thoroughbred, and a good way to get some additional water in him.

Great ride yesterday...lovely canter in both directions, and a relaxing cool-out walk around the barn property. It was hot, and I was blessed with my first sunburn of the year, whoo hoo!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Oh lovely canter..I'm jealous! :) I'm sunburnt too...with awful tank top lines. Grrr

  2. LOL, well, admittedly, the canter tracking right needs work...shocking in an OTTB right? Still, he picked up the correct lead and gave me a nice 20ish meter circle both my book, lovely! Next issue-contact, yikes. I'm also going to try him in an english hackmore and see what he thinks-he's awfully mouthy with the bit, despite a recent teeth floating.
    Of course it's raining today, and now I miss the sun, lol.

  3. Hey check out this girls blog..she does everything bitless and knows a lot:
    May work for your lovely Miles?
    I use a Myler kimberwicke and Laz is good w/ it.

  4. I'll check that out, thanks!
    He is getting much better with time..he hated the single joint snaffle so now he's in a french link, which he hates less:) He's got a small mouth with a very fleshy tongue, lol-even without a bit that thing cannot be missed!
    I still think a bit is beneficial for teaching contact, which he WILL need to learn at some point, but it sure doesn't hurt to mix things up. I think his chewing is an anxious/stress response as well, so hopefully more time and rides will help:)

  5. Forgot to mention I am intrigued with Myler bits...I'll have to do more research.