Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Crap News, Crap Bugs...

So, I'm a little in the dumps lately. The's just allllll baaaaad. Debt ceiling ridiculousness, economic uncertainty (to say the least), rioting overseas, etc. It doesn't help on a micro level that the husband is still unemployed and my job is STILL up in the air (holy shit is this frustrating-STATE OF MICHIGAN, MAKE A DECISION ABOUT YOUR CONTRACTS ALREADY). Ahem, sorry.

Also? In addition to the B-52 bomber flies we're dealing with, there was another massive scale mosquito hatching. In AUGUST. We went from drought conditions to many feet of rain within like 3 days. The skeeters were so bad that barn time was literally unbearable, and the city is only slightly better. My poor Miles-the barn owner called me Monday morning to say he was banging "something" in his pasture at 10 pm the night before. When she shined a flashlight on him, he was running around in frantic circles and pouring sweat. She sprayed him with some DEET and he was better....but still, I feel awful for the sweet boy. The weather has been nice the last 2 days, and I think the skeeters are tapering off, but it still feels a whole lot like this:

No, no. Don't thank me for the most awesome 70's movie trailer ever, from the movie "Frogs". Kyle's favorite part is the evil butterfly:)

So, I've been out to the barn a lot, feeding and watering and spraying (pretty sure Miles and I are both radioactive at this point), but not a whole lot of riding is happening. Tomorrow a photographer is coming out to the barn to take pictures of all the horses "in their natural environment". I don't know if Miles will be included, but seriously, how could he not be?

I know these are old, but come adorable.

I hope to get back into a better routine tomorrow. The weather is gorgeous and my horse is gorgeous and I miss working, like really working with him. Pretty soon I will be bitching about the lack of light and cold temperatures, naturally. Looking on the lighter side, potential unemployment starting October 1st means lots of riding time! Oh Miles, you will be SO sick of your mama:)


  1. It is super challenging to look on the bright side at the moment. We're having the same weather and pest issues here... I hope things improve with you and your spouses employment situations. Thank goodness we have our fabulous OTTBs to love on! ♡♡♡

  2. Our mosquitos have been hellacious - I just got a full set of Cashel's Bug Armor clothing to ride Pie in on the trail, otherwise no trail riding is going to happen. Hoping for first fall frost (can't believe I'm saying that!) . . .

  3. CFS-um, yeah, the whole Country seems to be mired in either bugs, or heat, or both:( Without my horse, I would be feeling 1000% worse.

    Kate-I know, right? Sweet, sweet frost-give me a good frost to kill the icky things and a 50 degree day right now:)

  4. I can't believe the mosquitoes. Their numbers are reaching Biblical plague proportions. I'm decking Derby out in a full bug suit - sheet, neck cover, boots and fly mask - now that temps are cooler. It's working - he grazes quietly at night while others run around like crazy.

    Regarding to the bad macro-news - on the bright side, 2QF corporate earnings were good, and generally speaking, corporate balance sheets are flush with cash. I'm really hoping that economists are right when they say that we will see some recovery when businesses start spending. It's a cart-before-the-horse question, though; the uncertain climate hinders corporate spending. I'll just cross my fingers for you - and all of us!

  5. Sorry about the employment/govt situation--hanging around waiting on conglomerates to make decisions is the pits. :-/

    Love that first pic of Miles. He is great!

  6. I love that trailer!!!! Sam Elliott still looks great. :-)

    Poor Miles!! I can't believe how bad your mosquito situation is. Crazy! We had a super jump in the fly population a couple of weeks ago. My guy is pretty much in a fly mask all the time now.

    Of course Miles will be included in the photo shoot!!! :-)