Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Thoroughbred Contains Multitudes


Oh Gurl...

Lookit Mah Baybee!!! He was winning!

So, we've framed the picture (William Vassar Photography), obviously. I love that his last win was on turf, over a mile, when he was 5 years old. Last to first, baby. He ran a few races after but never won.

And now?

Oh Hai! Whut? Nonono. "Masarin" is not Milez.

Lookit, I'm seery-ous. Milez don't run no more. Never has!

Milez Eats.

Still, every once and awhile....

Ok, so he's not really even galloping here-he's not a race horse anymore and seems just fine with that fact. His walk-canter transition is what I love about most about this video, not his speed. Still, he has the space enough to gallop or canter or trot or to do none of those things. Also, right now he is digging the ladies on both sides of his pasture. Luckily he seems to be respectful so far and only wishes to sniff noses over the fence, squeal, and then eat. In that order.

He may not have Masarin's speed any longer (or his physique, thank god, beautiful as it is), but he does have his heart. Our ride today was just lovely. It was probably a combination of perfect breezy weather, a recently raked arena, Durasole and Smart Flex Senior, which he's been on for a few weeks now, but it felt like...something else. He warmed up with sweeping walk strides on the buckle. His trot was straight (usually) and true, and he listened to my aids, moving out immediately. I promised him something and he gave me something in return. He's my partner, and I wouldn't have him any other way.

Still, I'd love to be able to time-travel to 6 years ago and meet Masarin who kicked ass in Golden Gate field. I'm willing to bet he's not so different from my boy.


  1. So great that you have those photos! It is weird thinking of our horses having this entirely different life before us. So dramatic and fast and loud and scary - it is like they are a different horse altogether - thank goodness, for us and them!

  2. I have a couple of my monsters win pictures and I just love them! I too wish I could time travel back and meet my boy when he was a runner. I joked that I wouldn't have bet on him in any of his races though because his name wasn't funny or witty. That is my favorite betting method at the track, feel free to try it out some time :-)
    I like to think about what his life was like when he was a younger fellow. I went online and found the ranch where my boy was bred, born and raised and I keep in touch with his breeders/owners occasionally. They filled me in on more of his history and have invited me to come out and visit the ranch if I'm ever out west. They aren't surprised that he is lazy and loving the life of leisure. They said he would run but it was always a fight to keep up with the faster horses. His owner told me to give Pinecone a kiss every night because that's what she did. and that would explain why he is such a sweetie...

  3. I got my photos's CRAZEEEEE, like if it wasn't blatantly them, I would NOT believe it.
    Miles is such a sweet baby boy :) I think he would tell you "I much prefer my life NOW"

  4. Sarah - Thanks for dropping by and following. It is fun to read other blogs about ottb's and bitless too. Miles is very handsome - on the track and now!

  5. Is this him? Very impressive. :)

    Looks like he got to GGF after Bar retired - December of 2004 was my boy's last race, the one where he bowed that tendon. Too bad, they could have been buddies! Bad, evil buddies, I'm sure. Ha!

    He and Bar both say they don't has to be racehorses anymore, phew!

  6. That's him:) Oh lawd, yeah, those two have nothing to complain about:)

  7. Hey, just wondering how you got these pictures? I've been trying to get pictures of my guy for years but with not luck!

  8. HI Serena! I contacted Golden Gate Fields, which I found by going on equibase or equineline or one of those websites, which tells you where your horse raced and how they placed. Almost all the major race tracks have one or two photogs that do the finish and win photos. Hope this helps! If you still have questions let me know and I can try to help you's fun and the pictures really are priceless:)

  9. Thanks so much! I'll try to contact them. wish me luck! :P