Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Small Request...

You all should go read my friend Amanda's blog right now and give her some love.

She has sooooooo much knowledge about horses, and helps me immensely with Miles. There's no way I can be at the barn every single day, and she is there for him to feed his beet pulp and bring him into the barn to hang out with everyone, which he loves. She gives me updates on his condition, and, well, she's just an awesome person with a TON of good stories to share. I really can't emphasize enough how she helped me in the beginning with Miles, when we were both driving each other crazy-she's the one who told me to be patient with his "busy TB brain" and pointed me towards resources that were a great help. She even let me practice techniques on her sweet mare Cody-THAT'S a good person:)

She's also pretty darn good with a camera and took a lot of the pictures on this blog:) I can't begin to tell you how great she was on the day Ebony was put down.

Anyway, she's a great friend who's got a lot on her plate with getting married and dealing with sweet Cody who's struggling with knee lameness, and she's another great addition to Mid-Michigan horse bloggers. Stop by and say hey!


  1. OMG "I" should be blushing:) I'm not so good at saying stuff like this in person, but it doesn't mean it's embellished or not true. If anything I held back:) Good luck with your blog-I love it already!

  2. Thanks for pointing us there - I just visited and enjoyed reading her post about her history with horses.

  3. I will definitely check out her blog. I love reading Michigan blogs :+). I'm sorry to hear about her horse, I can only imagine how hard that must be.

  4. Thank you for pointing me over to your friend's blog. I really enjoyed it and have added to the list of blogs that I check daily. (Your blog is one of them.)