Monday, August 16, 2010

Tinkerbell, He is Not

Just a quick post's late and I'm pooped. What a beautiful day though!

I thought I'd try some ground poles tonight, just to liven things up. Can I just say I've NEVER met a clumsier horse than my boy? He honest to goodness seems to care not a whit if he smacks them around, rolls them, whatever. He is plenty forward usually, but he just does NOT want to pick up those feet! This isn't a new phenomenon either-it's been a while since we've worked with poles, but he was the same then too. I don't ever want to jump 3 foot courses, but I DO think he'd be fun to take over some crossrails some day. It's a little strange because I've never taught a horse to jump, though in Miles case right now I'm not sure he could even make it over an 18 inch crossrail:) My sweet lil' clunker.

He was trimmed last Thursday, after having to wait 2 weeks too long and I think he was trimmed rather short, so that may have something to do with his bumbling the last few days.
We're continuing to have some issues with picking up the right lead as well, though I think that will come with strength and timing and straightening out my own self. I know this is not a unique issue among OTTBs either:)

He's still such a good boy, and even with the frustration I felt with the right lead on Saturday, I could tell something was off, whether it's me or him or a combination. He tries so hard, and any frustration I ever feel is at the situation, not Miles. I miss regular lessons, sigh....hopefully someday (soon).

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  1. Geez, sounds like Miles and Gem are related! Gem just doesn't know where his feet are sometimes when we trot over poles and he is not consistent with picking up his left lead. Don't be will come.....cripes, I hope it does!.... :-)