Monday, December 13, 2010

Best Laid Plans And All That

We've had just a wee bit of snow around here. You know, like 6 inches or so. Sigh.

It is beautiful, yes it is. Still, what a pain. I couldn't get to the barn yesterday, as it was just coming down in sheets (Thank you Universe for awesome barn peeps that fix my boy's blanket and feed him his beet pulp!!). It was so frigging cold this morning that my poor old dog could barely walk. It's going to be in the single digits tonight, so no riding again. Sigh Sigh Sigh....

I was so excited for last Saturday's ride. It was in the mid 30's and Miles had his Good Boy Brain installed. I dragged out a bunch of standards and poles and started warming him up...he was lovely. I think the slightly warmer weather definitely helped him move forward and freely.

Unfortunately, boarding my horse means sharing the facilities (and my inner 2 year old starts whining "but I don't wanna shaaaare!!!"). Just as our warm up was done a big young horse starts lunging on one side of the arena. A big, young horse that likes to kick the walls and run amok and buck and fart at random times, scaring the crap out of ME, let along my Thoroughbred....Miles was very, very good, all things considered, but I could tell his nerves were getting worn (and so were mine). The good news is he can spook in place, hooray! When someone else came in to walk their little Arab, I called it quits...there was no way I would have enough room to work him over poles or the cross rail I set up. Oh well.

That will teach me to set any kind of riding goal in a Michigan winter:) At this point, with the snow and the freaking cold nights we're in store for, the only goal I'm going to set is to make sure I ride at least a couple times a week. We will do what we can until Spring.

I think it's only 97 days away.....


  1. Ugh. Boarding is sometimes a pain. I loff showing up on a horrid day at an off time so I can ride alone and finding out that 3 people who NEVER come out apparently had the same idea.

    Better luck next time.

  2. Gag. I know..Sat was warm wasn't it!!! So great to be able to get that in at least. For some reason, I was the ONLY one who chose to ride that day..not shocking where I board at. I've gotten used to loving the alone time.
    Laz chose to stand outside all day yesterday and my BO had to drag him in and lock him inside b/c he was shivering?! Why wouldn't he choose to do so on his own is beyond me. Today, the heavy weight winter blankets were busted out. Much needed.
    Miles is such a good boy, I love a spook in place.

  3. Gotta love spooking in place. Miles deserves extra cookies :)

    We have our "arena" to ourselves 24-7 but the (unsafe) footing is super deep churned up sand at the moment. Until Santa brings the ingredients for our real arena, goals are set aside temporarily here too - just getting in the saddle will be enough for a while :)

  4. I'm terrible at sharing facilities. I've been spoiled, what with being the only person to ride at most of the barns I've worked at and being the barn manager here.

    I think everywhere but New Jersey has gotten snow already. I can't decide if I'm jealous or grateful.

  5. I hope you're with me when I say I hate snow! It makes everything cold, and wet. Also, I get nothing done at the barn in the winter because I have either really young horses or really old horses. Stinko:(

  6. Arena etiquette and respect for others could definitely be improved at the barn, that's for sure. I know how you feel, I've definitely been there myself. Thankfully my horses aren't too spooky, but it's really frustrating when your ride gets interrupted and/or cut short.

  7. Personally I'm just counting down to the winter solstice (7 days!), it's not going to be warmer anytime soon so I might as well look forward to having more daylight.

    The last barn I boarded at was pretty much empty for the first 9 months I was there, I had the place to myself. Then we suddenly got 10 new horses overnight and the ring was constantly in use. It was awful.

  8. I know how you feel with this blasted cold weather! I swear, the temp. drops 10 degrees on top of a horse...what's up with that? Hang in there, we're bound to get some 30+ degree days soon and then it will feel like a heat wave!