Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Barbie's Dream House

My friend JB is doing some Internet meme, and one of the things she has to do is describe her ideal house. So of course I started thinking...

First of all, I could kinda care less about the house. Sure, something bigger than our tiny 700 square foot house would be super. Something with 2 bathrooms, for sure;) Maybe an old renovated farm house. Then again, especially having a very elderly dog now, I can appreciate something on one main floor, with a big, open floor plan. Either way, give me a wrap around, gigantic porch, definitely. Attached garage would be a nice touch.

Really though, of course I'm thinking property, and barns. I think my ideal farm would have 6 12x14 stalls...not because I ever want 6 horses of my own (yipe), but because it allows room for 1 or 2 (or 3 even) boarders....I would never want to run a "boarding stable", but I've come to know and love some great equestrians and their horses, so if any of these folks needed a barn I would love to have them. Also, let's face it...neither my husband nor most of my friends ride. I'm going to get lonely;)

If not boarders, or even in addition to, I would love to take in the occasional rehab or foster horse...to be able to give horses a chance at a life that otherwise may end up who knows where would be amazing. Since we're officially in make-believe land, I'm going to say it's no longer necessary for me to work full-time in office hell, so I'll have all (or most...I'll compromise on something part-time) of the day to devote to the Equine Greater Good. Of course riding my own horses as well. Hey! Speaking of....

Of course Miles is coming with. Also, I shall have an older (between 10 and 16 years or so) Andalusian. Hey, don't judge, I've wanted this forever. Said Andalusian, preferably a gelding, shall be a trail/pleasure horse extraordinaire. Other than that, his only other requirement is that he can be pastured with Miles. Some minor soundness issues are OK...again, I really just want a ridiculously gorgeous trail horse.

If you have 2 horses, what's one more, right? Here's where I'd like to adopt an older horse, or something that needs a good home and is safe and reasonably sound. Said horse should also be able to be pastured with Miles and dream Andalusian. Also, ridiculously, super safe...like, I can put my friends and their kids on him/her and go for a ride. No age, breed or height requirements...just a good ol' plug, who can be pulled out of the pasture once every week or two.

No matter how often any of my horses are ridden though, they will all be loved and groomed and fussed over daily. What a great way to spend my days...

So, those are the horses. Can I also have a goat or 2? Maybe a miniature donkey? Yes? Super!

As far as the barn layout, I'm still thinking about that. I'd love to have 3 stalls on each side of the barn aisle that open up into their own large paddock/small pasture, where the horses can come into at night and have the choice to go into their stalls (maybe the stalls could have partitions that could be removed to make them into a shelter?). Then, in the mornings I could open up their small pasture into a large one...large enough to keep them at grass all summer, ideally. This would allow for separate mare/gelding pastures. It would be nice to have a large paddock/small pasture at one end of the barn for new/recovering horses as well. Obviously a tack room, feed area and hay loft would be necessary.

I really like Electro-Braid fencing...it's safe and looks nice. I admit that I don't know a ton about fencing and the pros and cons of everything out there, though, and I would need to do more research. For sure, no high tensile wire or post and board (horses seem to chew those no matter what, and you spend a ton of time on repairs).
The stalls should all have a window into the aisle of the barn, so the horses can stick their heads out and see the goings on. It really helps those that are laid up on stall rest I think.

Still in la-la land? Great! Then I would also like an indoor and outdoor riding arena, natch. I would love to have shade trees in the outdoor as well.

Don't forget lots of outdoor riding and trails...maybe some natural jumps. I think that about does it! Sooooo not much to ask, right? :)

Anyway, there it is. Actually, no matter what the actual facility looks like, what I mostly fantasize about is what day to day life would be like with my own farm. Waking up at 7 and walking down to the barn with the dogs, coffee cup in hand. Seeing Miles EVERY day, and hearing him neigh as I approach. Scooping grain and supplements, filling water troughs and throwing hay. Even picking poop...I honestly would love it all.

Yes. Give me a view like this every day, over an ocean or a golf course or whatever, any day of the week.

Can I have Ebony back (far right) on my dream farm too?

Miles said he want LaShore to come too, please.

What about you guys? Is having your horse at home (if you don't already) a dream of yours? What does your farm look like?


  1. Fun post! I'll have to think and see what I come up with. lol!

    I definitely wish we could have Ebony and Wayne back.

  2. omg, Amanda, I know. I hope they are maybe running around together somewhere...

    I really want to hear what your farm looks like!

  3. omg, I love your dream farm set up and you placed there totally with the said "Coffee in hand with pup by your side" HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!
    I may have to do this dream farm post.....

  4. What a fun post; I like your idea of a set up too. Unfortunately, I feel like if I have the really nice barn, paddocks, land then I'd have to sacrifice a nice home...well, maybe not...I have seen some very nice farms on the cheap. That farm on my last post (the offer made and accepted was actually 200,000.00!!!) is in Byron (about 20 miles outside of Howell. It's kind of BFE, but a definite HORSE HEAVEN!!!!

  5. Definitely going to have to do a dream barn post now! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  6. Great post - I love imagination land. Everything there rocks :)

  7. Until the dream barn comes along, you can join my tiny house club. I thought mine was little, but we've got a full 100sqft on you. ;-) Rocking the 800, baby. It's fun to try to live with less and fit stuff in, right?

    Seriously. What are the odds the two of you will ever need the bathroom at the same time? lol...

  8. I think you just described our dream property. House shouldn't be too large because, heck, then I'd have to clean it!

    Indoor and outdoor arena, plus a tractor to keep things well-disced, right?

    Stalls with turnout for sure.

    Lottery, anyone?