Sunday, December 5, 2010

What Is It With Ponies?

Miles is completely obsessed with a 3 year old Paso Fino at our barn. I don't know exactly how tall he is, but he's definitely under 14.3 hands and very petite...also extremely adorable. He's got this ridiculously full mane and forelock which just adds to his charm.

The first week he was at the barn Miles was a naughty boy every time he caught sight of the cute Paso. Whinnying, head in the air silliness ensued. Thankfully, he's adjusted; still, even today he continues to be fascinated by him. The Paso and his owner came into the indoor as we were working, and Miles was all arched neck, prancy trot, and practically begging me to let him go over to sniff the tiny equine. Honestly, I cannot imagine the inappropriateness that would ensue if Miles was actually allowed to make contact...I'm thinking it would not be pleasant for tiny Paso:) Then again, maybe all Miles wants to do is follow him around and stare adoringly, who knows? I'm not super eager to test the odds, though.

Aside from that excitement (and it really wasn't all that exciting-Miles settled down and we had a really nice ride today), there's not much happening. I'm still working him over poles-it's been busy at the barn lately so I haven't been able to drag out the jump standards and poles like I've wanted to. If I don't get them for Christmas, I'm planning on buying these or these, which will beat lugging around those heavy wood standards any day. Another boarder at the barn jumps with her horse, and we're going to try to set up a time to do some cavaletti exercises together some day soon. I'm really looking forward to that! She's also got a Dr. Cook's bridle she said I could try anytime I wanted:) I board with some awesome peeps.

Miles has been lovely, especially considering the cold snap we've had in the last week. He is taking longer to warm up, but usually by the end of our ride he's moving forward and freely. He's not been unruly or fresh because of the colder weather, which I appreciate. He's such a good thoroughbred...just a joy to be around, and to ride. It's feeling good to make real progress with him.

This week, and actually this whole month is going to be crazy with holiday business...I haven't even started shopping, so I have to change that soon. My husband and I have been down to one car for awhile now, but it's making getting out to the barn lately that much more challenging.

It's a good thing I have such a great reason to go.

Miles models his Schnieder's heavyweight turnout. He particularly likes this shade of blue. He told me so.


  1. That's awesome you have someone to jump with. It's great to be able to help each other out!

    I think Izzy would be worried about ponies, but geldings sure seem to like them... weird.

  2. My gelding is terrified of ponies. He seems to think they are little devil spawns. I think I'd prefer Miles' reaction.

    Good luck with the shopping!

  3. Maybe Miles wants to show him the new trick you've taught him?! Surely a Paso would appreciate that! :)

  4. You should take pics of the Pony. I don't blame Miles for being obsessed. I hope you manage to get some rides in this weekend!

  5. Somehow I missed this post! Cody was terrified of Pistol at first! Till she got up closer and realized he wasn't a mini. Ponies are ok, she was used to Wayne. But Mini's are satan's minions in her mind! TERRIFYING!!