Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Break

I have this week off of work (first time since last September-it doesn't seem like that long when I write it, but so much has happened at work and elsewhere...let's just say this is very much needed). Naturally, I wanted to spend as much time as possible at the barn before we leave for the beautiful Upper Peninsula tomorrow.

Whoops, too bad this last weekend was so frigging cold that the barn owner emailed everyone and told us there were shivering, miserable horses at the barn, and could we please come out and blanket the horses on pasture board if needed? Sweet Judy than called me in the morning and told me not to panic, that Miles was in the shelter and NOT one of the shivering masses, but would not come down to eat his breakfast. Because she is all kinds of awesome, she brought the hay to him and LaShore, and prevented me from panicking since I slept in and walked the dogs without checking my messages. ANYWAY, I went out to the barn, of course, but riding was out of the question. Thanks Michigan!

Yesterday was windy but otherwise gorgeous, so I went out to the barn all a-quiver about getting back in the saddle-this despite the fact that I was slightly hungover from seeing the best rock and roll front-man of all time (that would be Mr. Greg Dulli) in his band The Twilight Singers the night before. Apparently the alcohol sucked out all my sense out as well, because I totally forgot I had taken my boots out of my "barn bag" over the weekend, and was wearing only these half tennis shoes/half mule things that are basically just ugly and not practical for anything. They are SO worthless that they got sucked off in the mud in the grazing pasture, forcing me to walk out to retrieve my horse IN MY FRIGGING SOCKS. Winning.

Today, finally, my ass met the saddle! It was cold and windy, and he was Up Up Up, but very forward and obedient once he stopped looking at everything. We worked on transitions and canter on both leads (mostly successfully, which I call good considering all his time off). It was a lovely, short ride, and he did everything I asked. I smooched on him profusely and told him how much I was going to miss him for the next few days. Then he left a big goober in my hair. Ahhh, love.

Afterward, I had a massage (begone, defective sciatica!!), and got my hair cut and colored (dark red and blond highlights). Tomorrow we leave with the dogs for hopefully a couple of days of R and R by the lake.

See you soon! Kiss your ponies for me. Beware of goobers.

New Hairs! Sans Goobers (mostly).


  1. Aww, Miles. We've had suckish weather too. The ponies haven't had a whole day out in a while...
    Love the new hair!

  2. OK, I have to admit that I laughed when I read that you were in the mud in your sock feet. I admire your determination!! :-) Friggin freezing and muddy here, too. I didn't ride on the weekend and there were lots of shivering horses in from the pasture bundled up in blankets.

    LOVE the new hair!!!

  3. I hate this blasted MI weather too...rain, rain, rain, cold, wind, rain and more rain! Ugh!! I hope you get some sunshine up north!

    Love your hair, very pretty! :)

  4. Oh a Vaca?! What's that????
    Enjoy your time off!

  5. Been there with the sucked off shoes - laughing with, not at ;)

    Enjoy your time off - you deserve it! Super cute hair btw :)

  6. I think we all know Matt Berninger is the greatest front man of rock n'roll history.
    But I like your hair.
    Want to see a picture of your socks. Pics or it didn't happen.. you know the rule!