Sunday, May 8, 2011

Who Has 4 Hooves, 2 Thumbs, and Canters Crossrails Undersaddle?

Miles and Me!

(Yous Guys...she's about to bragz about me again. I TOLDZ her not to...)

Yes, while cantering an 18" (truthfully, it was probably smaller) cross rail is not a big deal to lots of people, it is to me, since it's our very first time! In the same ride today, we caught each of our leads successfully, used the entire outdoor arena, rode our corners, executed transitions...I just had that feeling from him-you know the one? Where you can do anything you want with your horse....walk down the trail, gallop across a field...or canter over a couple of jumps. So we did. And lo, it was awesome.

Of course, we started off trotting the tiny jump. The first time? He literally trotted right up to it and then proceeded to walk over it, and he was trotting VERY briskly . Suffice it to say, I remembered my base of support after that-it was actually the best reminder he could have given me. I honestly think he was just surprised to see the obstacle, since we didn't lunge over it or walk over it first. After that, though? Aces.

Both canter jumps were taken in stride, straight and true. I have no idea how my equitation was, but I know he looked great. No weaving, no speeding up or slowing down. Just a perfect hunter canter, with the fence taken as any other stride. I love him.


  1. Really great - every jump, no matter how big, is just the same, basically, as a pole on the ground.

  2. Hey did my e-mail get to you? It bounced back a couple of times.

  3. HOORAY!!! And no, I totally think that's an accomplishment worth celebrating. Well done, both of you.

  4. YES!! Awesome boy Miles! Doesn't matter if it's on the ground or 3' its a total accomplishment when they do things with confidence! :)