Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wheeeee! Short Post, Great Ride

Wow, what a nice ride today. We worked in the indoor ring for the first time in quite awhile (first time ever with the hackamore, I believe). The weather was spitting rain, and I wanted to listen to the MSU/Northwestern game while I rode (the Spartans nearly gave me a heart attack, but they're still unbeaten!). Anyway....

Miles was forward, focused and balanced. His mouth was still-the contact I had in my hands was perfect. I felt strong in the saddle. We rode with rhythm and purpose. We did circles, serpentines, transitions, leg yields...we were just on together.

There's not much else to say; that's the funny thing about great rides, isn't it? I want to hold on to the feeling I had as I rode, and remember how things looked, smelled, hopes, of course, that we can recreate today many, many times to come this winter.

I swear Miles knew how great it was as well. He was extra cute afterwards, snuffling my hair and turning up his already considerable charm to "high".

Maybe pictures tomorrow. I was too busy today grinning like an idiot and flirting with my pony to drop everything and get the camera.

Thanks Bubs. Good rides may not make for exciting reading, but they make for happy, happy mommies.


  1. I trail rode today, too... It was so quiet, peaceful. I love being able to canter or gallop down a trail, reach an open field, and just let your horse RUN. It's such a great feeling. I miss it actually, because my other horse is injured. It was great to feel that wind in my hair, the peaceful quiet, with just me and my strong horse surging under me, eating up the ground like it's nothing. =)

  2. Love rides like that!! When you are both "on" it it such a fantastic feeling. Congrats to both of you.

  3. Ha, literally had the same day but on Sunday!! What BLISSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!