Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wrapped Around His...Hoof?

Is it weird to be in love with your horse? Like, a year and a half after I adopted him, to be more excited to work with him and ride him then ever before? Well, maybe...but I guess I don't care. When everything else in my life seems topsy-turvy, going to the barn to work my big bay Thoroughbred is the highlight of my day more often then not.

We've only had a few rides since the clinic, and those have been pretty low-key, and pretty lovely. He's moving better then ever, and I'm trying to take everything I learned in those 50 minutes last Saturday (not to mention the pictures from the clinic) and incorporate them into our work.

Mostly thought? I'm getting this itch to ride outside, around the property and down the trails. Miles has risen to every challenge I've presented him with, and I have no doubts at all he's going to make a splendid trail horse one day. As soon as the weather clears up (don't even talk to me about the weather today), I'm taking my big boy and we are hitting those trails, with or without a partner. My confidence in him-in us-grows more and more each time I see him.

Ah, love. That's what it's all about, right?

She can't resist me.


  1. I am a card carrying member of your club! ;)

  2. Well I don't blame you- he seems like a particularly nice horse.

    Remember you can always start out by leading him on the trails if you're worried, but he'll probably be just fine.

  3. Lady and Miles definitely need to go for a trail ride together soon!!!! Steady Eddie can show Miles the way! lol!

  4. Awesome girl...that Miles does NOT disappoint! :)

  5. not weird AT ALL to be in love with your horse!!... I am also guilty of that.