Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Moar Clinic Pictures

Moar than you ever wanted to see, I'm just warning you...

I had about 2 minutes to lunge Miles before we started-he travels like this alllll the time on the lunge if I don't push him (which I never do at first). It's a good stretch but I'm pretty sure he just likes to sniff sniff sniff.

Picking it up...he is not amused.

Walk walk walk while Cheri and I talk about our history and what I'm looking for out of the day. Miles is very "meh" about all of it.

Trying to fix blasted hand/wrist/arms avec horizontal whip. Felt soooooo awkward.

Looking slightly better, beginning trot work.

Miles is relaxed but not so forward yet.

Working on holding the outside rein. Miles is not a fan.

Cheri approaches us for beatings! Forward Miles, forward!

Forward win, collection fail.

Getting there!

Across the diagonal, I think, or a circle. Hello LeanyMcLeanerson. Look at mah baybee reach though!

Oh my hell was I getting tired now...Miles was too, from the looks of it.

Sweet precious air, and a walk break.

Time to fail at turn on the forehand work!! No more pictures of this.

Miles says, "You wanna hit me with that whip now, muthaf%#*er?" Meanwhile, I am apparently trying to stand straight up in my stirrups, oy.

Trot Trot Trot

Spiral-y circles

Kinda sorta like this one. Finishing up.

Sneezy says we did it!

Judy put the black and white and framing effect on this one. Still, it is my favorite of the day...we are both tired and happy:) I was so proud of him.


  1. He looks gorgeous. You've done a lovely job with him.

  2. You two look awesome in some of those pics! Glad the clinic was a success!

  3. You two make a lovely pair! I love your commentary. :)

  4. Hilarious captions and great pictures! Thanks for posting these and your clinic notes. :)

    It seems like all Val and I did for about six months was turn on the forehand lol. We can finally do it now. ;)

  5. awesomenesssss!!! You both look great! I agree about the are horrid paws.
    Such a great learning experience to work with now all spring/summer long!

  6. Clinics make you so vunerable, in a good way. It is so interesting to look at pics and vid afterwards. I sometimes wonder what was going thru my head as I look at them! But you learn sooo much by being so vunerable.

  7. Thank you so much everyone. Jill, I've had to swallow hard both when riding the clinic in front of a half dozen people and posting these's not easy opening yourself up to the masses for...whatever:) Still, these pictures are the good and the bad from the ride, and I'm the first to admit I have SO much work to do. That said, I'm still proud of us, imperfections and all:)

  8. Also..I still want MORE pictures of that handsome boy.

  9. So great that you have all the pics to document the clinic and look back on, say a year from now. We have an OTTB and a TB that never raced - so I know a bit of what you go thru.

    Keep it up - you two are looking lovely :-)