Friday, March 25, 2011

U Read This Now! Vol. 2-Old Dog Edition

Just a little detour...I found this gem from News from Aspen Meadows, about her elder dog and triumph over squirrels.

Let me say I'm a vegetarian, and I adore animals and love the squirrels in our neighborhood. I HATED it when Mojo and Lebowski would occasionally be victorious in their quest to rid the parks we frequented from rabbits, groundhogs, and yes, squirrels. I love what she wrote, though, and when I read it I had tears in my eyes, remembering my old girl, who was a hell of a hunter almost to the end. I wanted to share it with other dog lovers who can relate.


  1. Thanks SO MUCH Sarah. I was kind of grossed out by the squirrel victory too but still... you can't take the hunter out of the dog.

  2. I'm a vegetarian as well, but still try to muster up the praise when the outdoor cats bring home their trophies.

    My super humter Max (who passed away recently) would mostly consume his prizes - leaving just a pile of feathers, a beak and a pair of little feet. :)

  3. awww sweet memories of your girl. Mason and Pudge are not hunters. I found Mason laying on the ground on his belly, face flat to the pavement one day..wagging his wail wildly, nose to nose with a baby chipmunk. He watched it skip away. lol!
    Your girl looked to so so sweet.