Sunday, March 6, 2011

Not Dead...

Though I've got nothing, to be honest. This week was gawd awful on a number of fronts. However, it's over! My birthday is later this week, and winter can't last forever. Right?

Thursday I tried the Dr. Cook's bitless bridle on Miles that a boarder lent me, and he seemed to love it. I didn't ride with it, but I did lots of flexing and groundwork so we could both get used to this new device before I get on. Miles didn't bat an eye, and was pretty responsive; I really dig the "face hugging" aspect of the bridle, and Miles was very relaxed when I applied pressure and asked him to give. Even when it took him a couple seconds to respond, his head stayed low and he was never anxious. Can't wait to ride him in it this week.

Aside from a couple quick rides, I also lunged Miles over a couple small verticals. He's getting much better about adjusting his canter stride before an obstacle, instead of breaking into a trot over the jump if he doesn't get there just right. I can tell he enjoys this type of lunging much more than our normal routine...he just loves learning and doing new things. I hope he never, ever loses that attitude.

If I'm not careful, though, at this rate he's going to be in great shape while I bounce around on him like a pasty sack of potatoes. I've got to push myself more under saddle this week.

I'm posting this picture for myself, and anyone else who needs to remember that one day, the grass will be green and the days will be warm. I can't WAIT to see Miles' coat bleach out again, no joke.


  1. Sorry you had a rough week.

    What a good looking horse Miles is! Really interested in how the Dr. Cook's works for you - may possibly get a bitless rig for Val - in the research mode now.

    Hope things improve for your birthday! :)

  2. I also am very interested in following you and Miles trying out the Dr. Cook's. I'm thinking of trying my mare, Saxony, bitless, and have seen the Dr. Cooks mentioned here and there over the years. I can't wait for you to ride Miles in it either!

  3. I hope next week is better and that you have a great birthday.
    Miles is sooo pretty! Glad the lunging is going well.

  4. Oh, how I love those dark brown Thoroughbreds. :)

    Bar is bleaching out already. And shedding. I get a mouthful of fluffy hair with every smooch.

    I tried the bitless and we did okay... but it's not Bar's favorite. I think he doesn't like the pinching below his jaw and it's harder to release pressure--absolutely key for us. Though maybe it's my riding that's the issue, ha! We are back to a simple D-ring snaffle and he seems to like it and respond well, though again, it may all be me and my clumsy hands.

    Happy birthday!

  5. Well this annoying weather doesn't help. In March I like Spring. NOT more snow and COLD! March too! Have a great great bday!!
    Snuggle that sweet bitless loving boy too. Oh and the learning attitude and wanting to learn..well, dare I say, it's all about the ottb's wanting to please, sweet angels! :)