Saturday, March 26, 2011

Whew...We Did It!

Quick update tonight, because I'm tiiiiiired, and sore, all in the best ways.

The clinic today was...awesome. Yes, Miles and I worked harder than we've ever worked before. I worked harder than I ever have on any horse since I was probably 20 years old...and now I remember why.

Dressage equals forward forward forward. I know this intellectually, but I've not put it into practice with Miles. I mean, we don't shuffle along, but I don't PUSH him to use himself nearly as much as I should. The power I felt under me today was unreal, and it's really there for the taking-I didn't have to nag him to get it. That power, of course, means I have to ride better, and use MYself better. Forward also fixes lots of other problems (like straightness) when you combine it with little adjustments in the reins. Cheri was awesome about fixing some of my equitation issues, the worst of which is apparently my broken wrists. Oops!

More to come, and hopefully pictures, but I'm honestly spent. I'm going to be in a hurt way off for me and my lovely steed. I'm still going to go out and walk him and love on him though, because he's probably going to be feeling the same way:) He actually YAWNED after we were done, just to make a point, ha ha ha.

I've never felt closer to him then today during our ride and after we were done. He tried so hard to work with me and do what I asked, even though we were riding in a way that was quite foreign to both of us. My sweet, honest boy. He got lots of compliments, well deserved. Fabulous day.


  1. Yay - thoroughbred dressage horses rock!!! Sounds like you had a blast - so happy for you two.

    "Dressage equals forward forward forward. I know this intellectually, but I've not put it into practice..." Words I need to take to heart! :)

  2. wha!! That is SO SO Awesome! i cant wait for pictures!
    How did you set up the clinic? Sounds worth it!
    GO Miles wonderpony!

  3. Thrilled to hear it went so well :)

  4. Awesome!!! Congratulations to you and Miles!

  5. Awww...I'm so glad you had a great clinic! It sounds like you learned a great deal, which is always a good thing.