Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bork Bork Bork HOT

I know, everyone is talking about the weather. Seriously, though? I don't DO 100 degree heat indexes. It's supposed to be even hotter tomorrow. Wahhhhhh.

Looking at the forecast, I knew there was NO WAY I was going to do arena work this week. Really, it's too hot to even safely trail ride I think. So, Miles gets a brief reprieve from his (light as it was) workload.

Miles, sporting his super awesome new pad from OTTB Designs, before our last ride.

Speaking of! Miles is doing really well. I think he's looking great, better than ever, ESPECIALLY considering he was close to 100 lbs. underweight this time last year. I don't like how bleached out his coat is, but we've had so many days of sun it's ridiculous, and really unprecedented for Michigan-not that I mind the sun, of course. Bring that on! What's a wee scary is we are approaching drought conditions from lack of rain, and a lot of his diet is pasture at this point. I'm monitoring his weight with a weight-tape though, so we can supplement with more hay if needed.

IF we have to have un-rideable conditions, this is the week for it too. I'm still treating his thrush, which is looking better every day. I think I'm going to put him on a preventative program, as opposed to waiting for the next bout that makes him unsound again, like a dummy. I've used in the past a diluted Listerine spray. Other people use diluted Lysol, and still others Apple Cider Vinegar. I also like the idea of a soak, but I'll admit that at 45 minutes a hoof I don't know how often I'd be able to do it. Something I can spray on is much more appealing to me.

I'm still so mad at myself that I let it get to this point. While I haven't ridden him since Saturday (when he did feel better-not 100%, but better), he seems to be more confident walking on the gravel driveway, so I think that's a good sign.

Speaking of our ride Saturday-I think there's a ghost on the farm, and its goal is to mess with Miles' mind regarding the "scary" end of the arena. Now, this hasn't been an issue for a couple months with him. Saturday was hot (though looking back, and compared to what we have now? No complaints.), so I wanted to do a quick ride and then hose him off. However, walking down the rail towards the "scary" end, a GINORMOUS branch, super high up on this tree that is set off the arena, falls down KABOOM, and birds go flying. Now, my sweet sweet boy simply stopped and threw his head up to watch the drama (his words, not mine) go down. Yeah, pretty sure that totally reinforced his previous idea that something is "wrong over there", siiiiiigh.

So, instead of a nice leisurely ride, I had to spend 40 minutes on him walking and trotting all over, gradually moving closer and closer to The Tree Of Doom, until he stopped dropping his inside shoulder, throwing his head up, and scooting around The Corner Of The End Of Doom (near The Tree Of Doom, natch). I ended up being really proud of him though. He threw a tiny fit once, when I wouldn't let him pull a hot move and drop his shoulder and bolt away, but other than that he trusted me and eventually got over himself. I was proud of me because I didn't let him get away with anything, and I didn't dismount to do it. Good stuff.

Whew, that was a lot of words about something not very interesting! Sorry-previous to this incident, we've just been doing short, light rides since his feet were so ouchy. I don't know if this is a part of him being slightly sore, or the heat, or the fact that his pasture has tripled in size in the last few weeks and therefore he's almost always moving and grazing (or just everything together), but MAN has he been soooooooo lazy and laid back. Even when not under saddle, he's eyes half mast, floppy lower lip, the whole deal. If his appetite wasn't so great and he didn't still come alive at things like noisy doom trees I might be concerned. I think he's just enjoying these dog days of summer, though:) Either that or he's eating some ganja weed out in that ginormous pasture of his. Hey, I don't judge.


  1. I thought about riding this evening - for about five seconds - and opted for grooming and hand grazing instead. Glad Miles is feeling okay. Val is super lazy right now as well - he's wishing he had anything green to eat these days...

  2. This weather is crazy! I think our heat index today is supposed to reach 113 here.

    Love the new saddle pad on Miles. I need to buy one of those for Kilo!

  3. Ohhh, I love the black! I'm getting red. :)

    Good thing you're not riding in this weather, which we're getting today in Boston. The air quality is supposed to be bad, and I'm just hoping the electricity doesn't go off again, like it did yesterday. Talk about "wahhhh."

  4. My farrier advised me to brush some hoof heal ointment on my horse to keep his hooves moisturized. Reading the bottle, it says that applying hoof heal is a good way to prevent and treat thrush (of course, YMMV) in addition to the moisturizing part. It only takes a few minutes to put on 3 days a week or so, so maybe that could be an easier solution?

    And yes, this heat needs to bugger off.

  5. My black horse is bleached brown from all of the sun. Our weather has been crazy - extreme heat, storms with torrential rain and extreme humidity. I have ridden once in the last 10 days and it doesn't look like I will be riding this weekend either.

  6. Mmmm ganja ;)
    So the pad is super adorable!! Yes, Laz is bleached out too, he looks like a red palomino! Tripled pasture size sounds great for him. I know the 30-45 min treatment soak is a bummer BUT it's literally the best I've used so for us, totally worth it. I did use "No Thrush" too (dry powder) and it's pretty good to and all natural unlike the WL chemical wonder.

  7. He's relaxing! And, yes, maybe the heat has something to do with it. I think he did awesome, considering a branch fell out of a tree. I'd have jumped three feet myself!

    We just use iodine for treatment and prevention, brush it on usually. Bar has more of a problem than Lena, but this year (as soggy as it was for as long as it was soggy) we did pretty good.

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