Friday, November 11, 2011

Follow The Leader

Having my two kids, Chamie and Miles, in one barn FINALLY has been so fabulous. Excepting her third night home, when she tried to kill herself by choking on her dry alfalfa cubes (which I had given to her 20 times previously with no issues), Cham has settled in fabulously, and she looks to be healthy and happy.

Two days ago I decided to try leading my two beasts together in hopes that I can start ponying Chamie off Miles during our warm ups and cool downs. I still haven't ridden her since she's been home, but I will-the weather has not exactly been cooperative (SNOW today, cripes). Anyway, it went really well. Miles is interested in her of course, but not disrespectful. When he gets a little too close or lags behind (totally NOT intentional, I'm sure, har har) to sniff her butt, a squeal from Cham and a good tug from me sets him straight. We walked all over the farm and I let them graze side by side, and they were perfect.

Yesterday, the wind was insane, so Miles was quite up and decided to act a fool on a couple of occasions-still, he was kind enough to spook or freak out away from us, which is exactly what he needs to do to keep everyone safe, so I was super proud of him. I'm hoping to try ponying in the next week or so. I found Chamie ties well to the area wall while I work with Miles. My studly thoroughbred, on the other hand? Not a fan. Oh well-something to work on in these dark frigid days. In the Spring, I'm hopeful I can take both my horses down the trail-I think it will give Miles and I both a lot of confidence to have a steady eddy along with us.

In craptastic weather news, I broke down and blanketed both my kids today as it's going to be cold cold cold until Saturday or so. Sigh. Welcome to winter.

No pictures, because I suck. Miles really is ridiculously handsome these days though. He weighs more than he has since I adopted him 2 years ago (one of his girths has stopped fitting!). His coat is black and beautiful. He's moving wonderfully, and I will continue to give all my love to SmartPak's SmartFlex Senior which I think has made a huge difference-Chamie is on it now as well. My farrier is encouraging me to consider shoes for him in the Spring, since he doesn't have a lot of concavity in his feet. Still, I think the Durasole helps, and unless I ride him on gravel he moves wonderfully...I don't know. We will see. I know his feet aren't perfect, but they don't crack, aren't shelly, and his heels and frogs look great. Maybe I'll post some pictures soon to get some opinions.

So, there's my not so exciting update for November. I'm waiting to hear on a job that I had 2 interviews for and I really, really want, so I'm trying to enjoy these days with my ponies while I can. Optimism rules! :)


  1. Glad Chamie's doing well!! Good luck with the ponying. I hope it goes well.

  2. Concavity is created by a strong white line connection, if his feet are too flat either there's a problem with the white line OR he just has summer feet right now. My two are kinda flat right now too, as soon as we get snow their feet will get more and more concave.

    I hope it works out with the ponying. Sometimes it's a real PITA but most of the time it's a fun way to enjoy both your horses at once :)

  3. So happy you have both ponies at one location now!
    Good luck for your upcoming job prospects too of course.
    In terms of concavity..each horse is so different too. There are SO many benefits to barefoot (not to mention the $$ saved) as u know. I think best to get a solid opinion from a barefoot trimmer vs farrier...and someone you trust. I see Laz's soles literally change all the time. It's such a great indicator of what is going on, etc. I don't mean to sound anti-shoes b/c I'm not. Well, actually, I am. lol! ;)

  4. I'm so glad both of your horses are at the same barn! It makes it so much easier to spend time with both of them, and if you get the ponying stuff worked out, you'll be all set!

  5. Hey my name is Nicole and I have been trying to find a equine dentist and Doug Larose was requmended to me and I have never heard of him so I was looking him up and came across your friends page that said you recumended him to her any way I was just wondering if you could tell me a little about him? I want to try him but I have always been told that without sedation they cant do a good job but on the other hand I dont really like sedation so could you get back to me and let me no about him and what you think? thanks

  6. Sarah,
    This is a great story. Would you mind letting me tell it on my blog? I would love to interview you about your decision to take your original TB, at age 26.
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