Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ewe Gee Aitch

...spells UGH. These three little letters sum up the summer of 2010. In fact, if it weren't for Miles, ugh would not properly convey how shitty the last few months have been.

Sweet Miles. My next post will contain a photo of my big ol' beefcake-he's gained over 50 lbs since late July. Whoohoo!! He is happy, sound and healthy, and I am grateful everyday for this (really).

I wish I could say I have taken full advantage of this fact, but I haven't. The weather has suuuuuucked. Mojo is...not doing well. We went to the vet today after she had a not so great night and she will be going on prednisone very soon. My sweet old girl. My one and only priority is her comfort. I am not going to let her suffer because I will miss her if she's gone-it's truly a day by day thing right now. Speaking of right now, she's feeling much better in the cooler weather and is sleeping at my feet.

Grandma is doing OK. She's still having the occasional seizure, unfortunately. We're trying to figure it out, with her doctors.

There are other...things on my mind as well. Hey, let's not turn this into Sarah's deep dark journal of darkness, shall we? :) Smiley faces all around! :) :)

Sometimes I just want to rage. I want to scream. Get in the car and drive for hours. Drink a fifth of something dark and strong. I want to throw a saddle on my thoroughbred and gallop him down the trail as far as it will take us. Fortunately by the time I get out to the barn and do all the things that having a horse requires me to do the feeling has passed and I'm in a much better place. Bargain therapy, thy name is Miles.

The next post will be better, I promise. I want you all to see how good my thoroughbred looks! I also want to get back to riding regularly and with purpose-it seems this summer, every time we get into a groove, we are interrupted by back sores, or weather or other things.

Still, other things do need attention. In particular this Other Thing. She is such a good, good girl.


  1. Your life has been an emotional roller-coaster the last couple of months! Remember to take care of yourself. We sometimes think so much of others, we forget to make sure that we are healthy. I am hoping that the awful hot weather is what's affecting Mojo and once it cools down, she will feel better.

  2. Sending good wishes and thoughts - these times can be very hard. Horse therapy is always a good thing!

  3. I hope sweet Mojo is feeling better soon; I know the heat this summer had to have made it worse for her.

    If you're feeling like screaming, get in your car, turn up the stereo and scream! Sometimes I scream and pound my fists on the steering makes me feel a little foolish, but then so much better (not to make myself sound like a loonie or anything ;).

    I'm glad to hear the Miles has put some poundage on. I didn't think he looked terrible before, but I'm sure that extra weight will help him through the upcoming winter.

    Hang in there - things always get better!

  4. Ugh..Dogs should outlive us. I'm sorry that you are dealing with Mojo struggling a bit..I hope the cooler weather today strikes her fancy.

  5. Thanks everyone...she's doing ok right now:) Day by day...

  6. I strongly suggest punching something. The ideal object would be a punching bag, but punching the mattress on your bed will also work quite well. I would punch my mattress when I arrived home during the days that I had a job that I really hated. It helps to make you feel much better.

  7. Believe me Sarah, I completely understand how your feel. This summer has not been a fun one for me either. Between Cody's knee injury and Lady's arthritis, and Wayne's ups and downs with his bad knee, this year has been down right depressing at times. So I completely understand how you feel!