Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's The Little Things

Oh Miles. Tonight I went out to the barn, with a new saddle pad and everything (It's a sickness really...don't ask how many I have. It was ordered with the SmartPak sandals, natch.), super ready to ride in the beautiful evening air. Nope, I find Miles in his pasture with two identical, parallel gashes on his side. Very superficial, but they're right where my leg rests.

Ok, if he has to get injured, I'm glad it's not his legs. Very, very glad. Still, does it always have to be the saddle area where this happens? First the possible bite on his back (really, though, I'm having doubts about that being a bite) that gave him a few days off, now this. In between, he also managed to gash himself below his shoulder this weekend, and it actually swelled a bit and the surrounding tissue was warm, though that's all gone now. He was/is sound, thank goodness, and I've been keeping it clean and dressing it, but it's deeper than his previous boo boos and pretty ugly, though very small.

Time to walk that pasture and try to find out what he's hurting himself on. I don't know about his back, but these latest two are NOT bites or kicks. I didn't have time tonight but Saturday I'm going to try to get out there early and get to the bottom of this. Please Universe keep him safe until then.

Of course his pasturemate, LaShore, has nary a scratch on him. Ah, Miles...keeping me on my toes. I've gotta say though, I'd rather be in the saddle.

Whut u say? Miles not smart enuff to skrape up strategik Miles' parts to avoid ride tyme. Nope Nope Nope. Look how dull Miles iz.

I'm on to you, Bubs.


  1. He does look kind of smug ;). Sorry you weren't able to ride, that stinks! I'm glad Miles' legs are well, though.

  2. Ha! Miles may be a smart pony boy! :) That does suck though as it was a nice evening. Oh well, hopes to those cuts healing fast!!

  3. Oh Miles!! Naughty Pony! ;0) Get better soon! Denali, I swear, gets hurt on purpose so she doesn't need to work.