Thursday, September 9, 2010

SmartPak Strikes Again

Seriously, between their clearance sale and free shipping code, how could I not get these?

I couldn't imbed a picture, but they are these totally cute flip flops for 5 bucks. Yes, they have horses on them, and I will no doubt be gently mocked by many peoples. Still, I think that's half the fun:) Besides, we still have a few days of sandal weather left, no?

Damn you SmartPak! *shakes fist* Your torment knows no bounds!


  1. Geez, your tormentor knows no bounds! The sandals are cute, though.... :-)

  2. Those sandals are adorable - I want a pair too! Who would make fun of you for wearing those?

  3. Those thongs (flip flops?) are adorable!! If I had money, then I would want some too!!!

  4. omg so cute! Fyi, just got a GREAT fall waterproof sheet for Laz (still to come) from Schneiders..and got free shipping! Came to $54-not bad for a 1200 D rain coat for a thin skinned baby!! LOVE a sale!

  5. JJ-nothing serious, just a gentle ribbing from some who know me as "the horse girl":)

    Kristen-omg, Schneider's is 2nd only to SmartPak in my addiction to horse stuff-that's a great price for a sheet! Their stuff seems to fit TBs really well, too. Miles' winter blanket is from there-I'm browsing their catalog for a lightweight turnout (something less than a midweight but more than a sheet with no fill) right now:)