Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Playing in the Twilight

What a fun night I had with my pony yesterday. No riding, but I took him to the outdoor ring as the sun was setting just to cut loose and let him run amok (well, within limits) if he wanted to. Honestly, apparently I don't do this enough, and here's why.

After I shut the gate and let him off the lead, he pawed the sand and rolled. He got up, and rolled on his other side. Lather and repeat about 10 times, I'm not even kidding-I've never seen him roll so much. In between, he walked and trotted around a bit, and we actually played was so much fun. When he got to the far end of the ring, I would call him and he would come galloping back. I love playing with my pony, and I'm a blockhead for not doing this more often. THIS beats a quick lunge any day of the week. He loved it as he tossed his head and pranced away...little show off. After we were done I took him back to the barn and he would not leave me alone-he kept whoofing in my pockets and messing with my hair. I think we're in love:)

I took some very poor videos, but Blogger is being a shit and they aren't uploading properly. WhatEVER, Blogger; good thing you're free!

I also want to plug a great organization and tell you how you can get the CUTEST gifts for yourself and your horsey friends this year. Seriously, I LOVE these:

It's a crochet pony! The Emerald City Thoroughbred Project has a staffer who makes them, and for $12 plus shipping she will make you your very own, customized however you wish. I just emailed the artist a picture of the Beefcake and ordered my very own Yarn Miles:) $6 of the price goes to the organization, which is a non-profit based in the Pacific Northwest that rehabs and transitions racehorses into new homes...what's better than that?

Their website doesn't seem to be up, but they are on Facebook; just do a search for Emerald City TB Project. If you still can't find them, drop me an email and I'll send you the artist's contact info. Help out a great cause and get a pony that doesn't poop-win win! Also, I get to buy a toy without feeling like a weirdo;)


  1. Miles has a rolling fetish like Wayne does it sounds like! Wayne loves rolling in sand and fresh shavings! He's usually getting down to roll before I hardly get him in the gate. lol!

    Those crochet ponies are cute!!! I might have to see about a crocheted Wayne. lol! Maybe a Lady and Cody too, but definitely a Wayne!

  2. I might need a crocheted Emmy. And Tarzan. And Lucy. And Missy, and Grinder,... I better stop now. What perfect Christmas gifts!

  3. The crocheted horses are so cute and with the benefit of helping real horses too. Must get one!!