Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Am A 10 Year Old Girl

Oh my, with the seriousness and talk of serious things of a serious nature. I am sick like a dog with sinus issues, which isn't helping my outlook, as it were. Still, I can't leave my last post up as the first thing I see when I go to my blog (which I do approximately eleventy billion times a day to read the new posts of all my bloggy friends. I don't know how to do that google-reader thing!). Seeing "LOSS" in giant words every time I log on is so not helping.

"What might help?", I thought. Not another boring blah blah training post.

Ah, Tractor Supply Company, where would I be without all my impulse purchases when I stop in to pick up beet pulp and alfalfa cubes? Many dollars richer, that's for sure. But also without this!

For a mere 6 American dollars, I have a whole herd of poorly conformed and suspect-ly colored plastic equines!

This is nothing, by the way, compared to what my inner child wants to buy when she goes in that store. There are horse toys of every size and shape and use, from princess ponies with flowing manes and tails to a bucking bronco set. Giant soft, floppy stuffed horsies tempt me with their overall snuggability. There are Breyer models of Secretariat, Andalusians and Mustang stallions, to remind me of my extensive collection I had as a kid. There are stable kits with riders and jumps and barns and tiny bridles and saddles.

The only thing stopping me from buying something like a Pretty Pony every time I go in is the reminder to myself that I am, in fact, an adult, and adults do not buy toys FOR THEMSELVES. It's weird. Besides, when I get my "My Favorite Horse" action polo pony with matching rider box set home, what the hell am I going to do with it? Play? I don't even know how to do that anymore.

I can still pine for these toys, though, and stare longingly at them while petting the soft plush of the oversize stuffed paint horse. I could be shopping for children! Underprivilaged children even! That is, after all, the only acceptable time for adults to buy toys. Even horse toys.

Well obviously I broke down. It was some weird combination of register proximity, payday, and the justification to myself that at LEAST I didn't buy that $50 wool saddle pad. I was being good! Besides, I saw inside this tube-excuse me, toob-what looked suspiciously like a tiny plastic Miles.

Oh, that's not all. Meet man-made materials LaShore:

This LaShore hates cell phone camera flashes, apparently.

And I can't resist-Kristen, I instantly thought of Laz when I saw this plastic beauty:

I could go on and on....I started seeing horses from all over my barn in each of the cute but slightly deformed figures. Horses from my past are in there too. It's a very diverse herd.

So there it is. The 10 year old girl in me had her day after all. After their photo show, I put the horses back in their toob and put them on my dresser, where they will remain for the foreseeable future.

I mean, I'm pretty sure. It's not like I'm going to take them out and arrange them in various entertaining (to me) poses, and create scenarios for them to act out. It's not as if I would make them talk to each other or anything. Talk about strange.

Plasti-Miles says end the post now, Sarah. There's no graceful way to save this one.


  1. Girl you totally crack me up!!

  2. The black one with the little bit of white on its forehead reminds me of my boy Tarzan, and the plain black one made me think of my Grinder. Too cute!! You are so silly! =) I have tons and tons and TONS of little horse figurines. Honestly, I feel crazy when I buy them, people look at me so weird... Lol. Glad you feel a little better!

  3. Hey, I saw Smokey in there!

    I love my toy plastic morgan. I keep it at my desk to remind me that I do have a life outside work.

  4. Wait a minute! I think you got ripped off! Where's the paint horse?! I think there's nothing wrong with embracing your inner-child!

  5. Awesome! I feel the same urge to buy horse toys. I think it stems back to when I was little and my parents refused to just randomly buy me breyers and other horse related things. I still really want that big Breyer barn and a flippin' Brenda Breyer would be nice too...LOL. I love your plastics ponies :-)

  6. Lashore looks like a ghost- horse. He;s kind of spooky. Just sayin'.

  7. Oh wow. I totally have a Breyer wish list that I'm never going to fulfill. I need a friend with a horse crazy child, because I want someone to buy and love those little models like I would 15 years ago... Except 15 years ago, a breyer cost something like a fortune to little me.

    Have fun with them!

  8. This is great! I needed this smile! I definitely see a Wayne in that herd, and maybe a Lady and Cody too. lol! You should see the cupboards in my kitchen, the tops of them are lined with Breyer and Peter Stone models and other random horse figures. A couple here on my desk, the Friesian I hope to someday have, and the stuffed horse plushie Doug got me for Christmas last year. I even have them on my desk at work, some stable mates Breyers, and a stuffed horse plushie that a friend of mine snatched up at a yard sale and gave to me because it looks just like Wayne. lol! Most of these are models I've had since I was young, but I do give into temptation and make a purchase here and there. Nothing wrong with being a kid again from time to time.

  9. Uh, this is a *smidge* embarrassing, but I TOTALLY HAVE THAT HORSE TOOB.

    It used to be a tradition that we'd do a $10 toy trade with a group of friends just to have fun.... and I got the HORSE TOOB! I love them, the legs aren't really straight and most of mine can't stand up, but they are in my closet regardless guarding the top of my dresser and a tangle of random accessories.

    LOVE IT!

  10. HA!!!!!! I just literally laughed out loud at the chicken shit Laz look alike!!!!!! LOVE it.
    Can I come play with your toys?!
    Seriously..I have all (well some are missing, where are u guys?!!!) Breyers from childhood in my basement and go visit them from time to time.
    I still am waiting to see a cool designer trick for displaying them throughout my house...some how.