Sunday, November 7, 2010


OK, not really, but my heart did absolutely stop at the end of her amazing race in the Breeder's Cup Classic yesterday. If you are living under a rock (or have not been maybe obsessively following her career since she won her 17th race in a row), Zenyatta lost her 20th race by a little more than a nose. It was an amazing effort, and she absolutely gave it her all, as per usual for this girl.

She started the race last (again, as per usual), but the difference this time is the caliber of horses she was running against, and the sheer number of horses she had to weave her way through to get to the lead. In a game of inches, she came up just a few short.

Still, the important thing is she came out of the race happy and healthy and sound-at least one horse (Rough Sail) wasn't so lucky yesterday. She finishes her career 19-1-0; that's something alright.

Great job Z! Thanks for the memories. Now go have fun making million dollar babies:)


  1. Wish we all had the money to GET one of those million-dollar-babies!! She'll have some amazing, legendary foals that'll go on to be just like her - if not as great, then greater.

  2. She's an amazing mare! It's been awesome seeing her run! She's a champ, even if she lost #20 by a nose.

  3. She is so amazing! I watched the race at my sister in law's (who has a new baby) house. The baby was trying to sleep, and there I sat with a bunch of disinterested football fans, shouting and screaming for Zenyatta to "go, go, go." It was heart breaking to watch her come sooo close, but not quite make it. I still can't believe how fast she came up from behind...she was sooo far back, it was truly amazing to watch!

  4. I was one length too short of a race!!!!!!!!!
    I chuckled at the newspaper that read "BLAME THE WINNER"

  5. Just a little too much traffic. I bet she'll miss it - she's still got it in her.

    Of course I like what her jockey said. No stallion's good enough for her.