Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Merry Holidays

From Miles, Chamie, and me!

We're leaving for the UP soon, but I had all Christmas day free before we had a lovely dinner at my parents, so naturally the ponies got a visit. Everyone is doing well, and Chamie seems no worse for the wear after her spill in the mud...a couple days of bute and she seems good as new, which is a relief.

SPEAKING of mud, I know it's not cool to whine on Christmas (or shortly thereafter even), but it is SO bad right now you guys. Nothing has frozen yet, and the stuff will literally suck your boots off, no matter how tightly they're laced. Nevermind me-it's just an inconvenience. The thing I hate is that neither one of my horses want to go back to their pastures after I'm done working with them. Of course, the mud is the absolute worst near the gates, and thankfully both ponies have lots of pasture to get away from the mud if they want, but UGH, I HATE having to yell, pull, and beg them to walk up to the gate, let alone get in and turn around so I can take their halters off (this step is very necessary-soon I will write the post on how Chamie backed out of the gate when I got lazy and decided to take a jaunt right up to the highway. Almost killed me, not to mention her, dead). Anyway, kvetching over!

*mud you still suck ass freeze up already*

Chamie got a good grooming in, some yummy mash to eat, and got turned back out. Nothing exciting there, but she was a happy girl. I neglected to take pictures of her because I'm a neglectful parent. Still, she's looking great, and has shed a few (needed) pounds and put on some muscle-very nice to see!

I wish I had had more time today because I really wanted to ride Miles, but it was not to be. Still, he got in a good lunge in the outdoors, where he happily cantered and bucked before settling down into a cute springy trot. I'm loving that I can lunge him without a whip, and that he's moving so very well.

Miles, looking regal after his lunging shenanigans

Looking less regal and ready for treatings

Finally, Miles and Cody, necking to R. Kelly's "Ignition" in the background. Super cute.

Hope everyone had a lovely Holiday! Mwah from Miles and Chamie and the rest of our menagerie:) This year, especially the last few months, has not been easy. Still, I can't help but feel everything is just as it should be, and with some hard work things will fall into place just as they should. Kiss all your sweet ponies for me, everyone-even if I'm not reading or commenting like I used to, I'm so thankful for the equestrian community on the interwebs-have a fabulous New Year, every one of you.


  1. Yeah, Lady pulled the back out and spin around to take off on me yesterday! She is so fed up with the mud! Thankfully she didn't get far before I caught up with her and she stopped when I grabbed a handful of mane and yelled whoa. I think she was mainly heading for the barn though.

    Glad Miles is giving Cody some love. They are so cute together. Cody definitely needs the attention to help keep her spirits up. She seems to be hanging in there, but stall rest has got to be getting awful boring by now. Poor girl.

    Have a safe trip up north!

  2. *mud you still suck ass freeze up already* lol...
    laughing with, not at. We have no mud around here, but I used nearly a whole bottle of fly spray in December - I guess it all balances out.

    Sending our best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year to you and your loved ones!


  3. Ha! That video is too cute and I felt like I was a peeping tom in on that necking, lol!!!
    Have a great New Years and hoorah for your happy loved Ponies!

  4. We are mired in mud here, too. A couple weeks ago it was especially bad, with deep ruts and hoofprints in the paddocks. It froze a couple times over night and the conditons were terrible. It's warmed up and the mud is still with us, but it does finally seem to be drying out, and the footing in the paddocks is more level and safer. I can't believe I'm saying it, but I'm with you on the "freeze already" sentiment!