Tuesday, December 6, 2011

So Much For Keeping Them Humble

Well, looky-loo what pretty mare and handsome hunk got their very own story on Susan Salk's Off Track Thoroughbred blog?

Thank you Susan, for thinking our story is worthy of your great audience! I think Miles' head will now be too big for his bitless bridle, and Chamie may have an "I told you so" look in her eye when I see them later today.

Seriously, I love Susan's blog because she finds the story behind every horse (usually an OTTB, so it's a big deal for Chamie to infiltrate the ranks:). And every horse has a story. It is an honor to be featured!


  1. Oh my! I just read it! It is beautiful! You are so lucky to have all that support and be able to have Chamie back in your life!

  2. So nice to read this story--made me smile!

  3. My pleasure Sarah. You're doing a beautiful thing.
    But, don't let those kids get too smug.