Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Ride In The Snow

...and I hate that I didn't bring a camera.

Miles was game, but not altogether trusting of the snow that kept falling off the buildings and trees as we rode. Still, the fact is he was waaaay more relaxed about the snow falling off the roof of the indoor arena than I was, hence our outside excursion. He was my rock as always...until after we turned back for home after a brief trail ride and he threw his head up and danced for a moment...dang if he doesn't want to explore way more than I'm ready to (at least by ourselves). Lo, that was it for shenanigans. If I was feeling braver, I would have said the hell with it and given him his head to canter back home. I'm learning slowly...he's a patient teacher. The footing seemed ok, but I still don't trust it.

(For the record, I know horses should never be encouraged to run back to the barn. With any other horse I would agree, but Miles is always most forward moving away from the barn.)

Anyway, it was a lovely day in the snow with my boy. The cold months don't seem so bad at all right now.

Happy Winter everyone. Sigh, it's here. I can't be all that upset after rides like today though.

(PS-Chamie is doing great, adjusting to 24/7 turnout with no problems at all. Stay tuned for a special write up on my ponies from one of my favorite bloggers:)


  1. What a GOOD boy that Miles is. Yea, I know about the patience our boys have, lol! Isn't riding in snow awesome?! I swear, riding outside in the winter can be amazing. No bug and the horses are comfy cozy to bounce around. As long as the sun is out, and there isn't crazy wind, winter riding is some of my favorite. So happy to hear Chamie is loving her 24/7 turnout, that has to be so great for her to keep moving as she was intended :) Again, kudos to u for saving her!

  2. Jackson is always happier leaving as well. Isn't great having a horse that would rather be out with you than back with his herd buddies!

  3. Yay Miles! Such a good boy. I wish you'd taken the camera too!

    BTW - I have also been meaning to tell you how great it is that you saved Chamie. Well done :)

  4. Ah, the snowy rides are just around the corner here! We'll also be doing a little skijoring too! Who knew OTTB's would make such great skijoring horses--Harley surprised me on that note.
    Good for you, rescuing Chamie.

  5. I think I'm going to send you a helmet cam. Then you can ride in the snow and I can show Bar how lucky he is that we don't have snow.

    At this point, however, I'd just like to get my tail back to the barn!

  6. I've never ridden in the snow. After reading your post, I'm *almost* envious. But not quite. I'll take snow-free for as long as I can take it. That said, I think I'll clean up the outdoor arena this week, to prep for some winter riding outside.