Wednesday, January 5, 2011

An Even Wee-er Update

...Just to say that Miles cantered his first jumps today-both directions, on the lunge, a tiny vertical and a cross rail, in fine fashion I might add. I just love this horse.

Maybe our last "crash boom bah" session was actually a good thing, because he never touched the rails this time, and was careful yet totally confident. The first time I pointed him at the jump while he was cantering, I admit I held my breath, yet he took everything in stride with his ears up-a very happy boy. That first jump was maybe 12"-pretty sure he cleared it by at least 2 feet:) Yay for lunging first!

Ever wanting to conserve his preshus energy, however, the next 3 canter jumps (I alternated trot/canter to avoid any silliness) were gorgeous and cleared by totally reasonable heights.

How did I get so lucky? What a good boy. I rode as well, and he was equally wonderful. I'm going to stay at a trot under saddle for a little while while he figures out the obstacles in front of him and focus on straightness and rhythm (we're also still working on that frigging right lead canter, ha ha). I'm a proud mama tonight-I'll try for pictures/video this weekend:)