Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Sweet Free Lunging Phenom

Miles demonstrates his flawless free lunge "Whoa".

What a good boy I have.

I went out to the barn today, just wanting to fart around and maybe have some fun in the snow. I know I'm a big baby (access to an indoor arena will do that to you), but I haven't really ridden in the snow in years. Still, it's so inviting, all sparkly and white and undisturbed.

No, I didn't ride today (again, baby). I did, however, lunge the Best Thoroughbred In The World (trademarked) in the indoor over ground poles. He was so awesome I took his cute butt outside to the pristine, snow-covered outdoor ring and let him loose.

I really thought he would just walk around so I could make sure he was on solid footing (it felt good to me but I'm not a barefoot horse), maybe roll and we'd be done with it.

He was fantastic, as you can probably guess by now. He walked, trotted, even threw in a few canter strides, all while keeping a nice circle around me. I even got him to halt on the circle. Who taught him this?? No me! Such a good boy. Next time, I'm riding him out there. And you all will hopefully tell me how brave we are and not roll your eyes in boredom. At least where I can see you.

Oh, forgot to mention-I did get a snippet on video:) MAD SKILLS, I tell you. The horse, not me-I can't believe he did all this with no lunge line and no whip.

Miles, for his part, doesn't know what the big deal is. He's always known what a good boy he is. I think I annoyed him with all the fuss I was making.



  1. lol Miles reminds me a lot of Hampton. He clearly lives to please you and is so adorable. Looks like the footing is ok ... do it and ride girl! :-)

  2. The free lunging in the snow is amazing. What a good boy! I read your previous post with interest too. I think Thoroughbreds are misunderstood. I've always had the idea they were very hot, but what I keep reading )here and in several other blogs I follow) is that they are great workers, with lots of heart and very trustworthy. Sounds very good to me!
    Hope you have a good ride in the snow. I'm going to try it soon too - a first for Rogo and I - keep your fingers crossed for us :)

  3. He was such a champ out there today! Now that's free lunging!!!

  4. What a good, handsome boy! I wonder how to teach a horse to stop on free-lunge like that? I only lunge Lucy at the walk because of her lameness issues, by it's still a very good tool to have in the "toolbox" of every horse/rider(or owner) pIr. :)

  5. You're making me really want to do more ground work with Oz. I should set up a tripod and start taping our sessions. Good boy, Miles!

  6. that is something to be proud of! Free lunging can send many (we were in that genre not long ago) into a frenzy. Miles is such a good boy! Ride in that snow girl! You will luv it!

  7. Thank you so, so much everyone. When you're doing things on your own, one of the greatest feelings is to see real, honest to goodness progress-even if it wasn't under saddle this time. I really can't take too much credit either-Miles really is that awesome:)

  8. Just make sure that inviting, white snow isn't hiding a slippery, evil den of ice. That tends to ruin your fun a bit.

    I like how Miles just walks around like, "Yeah, that's right, I'm awesome. You love me."