Tuesday, January 11, 2011

U Read This Now! Vol I

There is so much excellent writing out there on horses, OTTBs, training, riding, etc...so, so, so much. In fact, I am currently overwhelmed by how behind I am in reading all this good stuff. It's too bad because I love it..I literally get giddy when I have a couple hours to just sit down and peruse the internets and get caught up on everyone's adventures and thoughts.

When I stumble upon something that I really, really love, I'd like to start sharing it, even though I know a lot of us all read the same blogs:) Still, if you haven't yet, u read this now by TB at X. It's really wonderful and captures so much of what I believe at my core, and want to say about working with horses and training but have not an ounce of her writing (or riding!) ability, not to mention her experience. Here's proof, from her post:

"You will not learn to train a horse until you have been humbled by many horses. Until you accept this, you will continue to make the same mistakes and continue to only work with “stubborn”, “stupid”, or “problem” horses. The most difficult horses have the most to teach you… but you have to let them."

Right?!? Chills...and that's just one nugget of wisdom among many.

So, there is my bloggy recommendation for the day. I know some people do like, buttons and other kitchy things (which is cool!), but, um, I don't.

Miles also wants to make it very clear that he is NOT a "stupid", "stubborn" or "problem" horse, in case there is any confusion.

Milez iz a gud pony and haz nuthing to teach u. Mite az well give treatings insted.


  1. Good recommendation! TB at X was the first blog I ever read, and she inspired me to begin documenting my riding experiences.

    Miles - you are a "gud" pony for sure. Tell your Mom to give you a "treating" from me lol!

  2. Ohh heading over now!
    Miles is such a good boy!!

  3. As a new blogspot blogger (I've been on Livejournal for years), I appreciate all the recommendations I can get. Still looking for more blogs to read. Awesome!

  4. I'm always looking out for new horsey blogs to read. I'll definitely check out your reccomendation - it sounds great!

    My newest find was Mugwump Chronicles - which I think has been around a while - I literally could not stop reading that one :).

  5. Thanks for the recommendation. I'm going to check it out. Cute picture :)

  6. Just bookmarked the page! Thanks for sharing. It seems like a very down to earth blog, which is what I like. And no way is Miles a "stupid", "stubborn" or "problem" horse! He's a cutie! :-)

  7. I second this recommendation, came across that post the other day and thought it was particularly nice. Of course I couldn't think of anything worthy to comment while I was there...

  8. Oh, I love that! I will definitely check that that blog.

    Bar continues in his quest to make me a better horsewoman--he gave me lots of practice yesterday.

  9. Did you just LOLcat your horse?!? Oh no you didn't.

    Horses speak in complete English words, everyone knows that.

    This is a GREAT post. Linking it from my blog as well.

  10. Hello!!

    Just wanted to let you know that you have an award waiting for you on my blog :)

  11. Haha Natalie, Miles always speaks in lol cat speak to me:)

    It's either that or Spanish (which I don't understand a lick of) since he was born in Chile:)