Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cautionary Tale

So, I says to myself, I says I'm just stopping at the barn! Just for a minute, I says. Feed the horse, get the grime off him, maybe let him graze while I do some reading. Easy Peasy I says!

Who cares if I left my barn boots at home! Pshaw, when's the last time a horse stepped on me anyway.

This is where you picture my swollen, bruised footsie. It was actually grossing ME out to see my own dirty swollen foot every time I viewed my blog (and WHY did that picture have to load so large. Grrrrrr. Anyway, y'all are better off without the visual. I know I am.

In addition to acquiring balloon-foot, apparently wearing flip-flops to the barn will undo the lunch-hour pedicure I had a couple weeks ago, sigh.

Honestly, I was hoping for more of a rainbow of color. It's swollen though, ho boy is it swollen.

Actually, he never put his whole weight down (ahem, otherwise hello broken foot), but it was just enough to teach my idiot self a lesson. Thank GOD he's barefoot.

I'm really very good about safety equipment, usually. Helmet EVERY ride, gloves when lunging, etc etc etc. That'll learn me.

Today turned into a gorgeous day in Mid-Michigan, so I'm going out for a short ride (foot is better but still bigger than I'd like it to be. I hope I can get my boot on!). You can see how excited Miles is about this prospect.

You should've heard this one holler at me! I still don't know what all the fuss was about~Miles.


  1. Miles looks sheepish in that picture ;). Your poor foot; I swear it never fails (Murphy's Law).

  2. Ouch! Those darn flip flops get me every time. Why must I wear them all the time and in inappropriate places? I'm sure Miles was very sympathetic.

  3. He was-I was the one that actually felt bad once I saw his face, lol. He was honestly astonished and had no frigging clue what happened. One minute he was munching his hay and stomping at flies and the next he's getting shoved and yelled at. Man I wish I could capture that face he had on camera. Adorable:)

  4. Oh no!! I hear you...come summer I get the WORST tan lines (not to mention the million bug bites) that I want to invent riding clothes that are breathable-tan thru optional and see thru shoes with protective caps for toes.
    No it wont be pretty during the ride, but come bikini time, when I explain why my stomach and legs are pure white, I'd be happy to have them match my arms in a dark color.
    Back to the drawing board. ;)