Saturday, June 12, 2010

You Said It, Big Guy

Miles' face right here? Pretty much sums up how we (I) feel about the weather this Spring and early Summer. Sure, there have been a smattering of nice days...usually on a weekday when I can't get to the barn for some reason or another. Mostly, it's been a lot of humidity, bugs and rain, followed by more f!@^#*g humidity. Today is just MISERABLE. I couldn't see at the barn because sweat kept running into my eyes and it BURNS, you guys.

Listen, there aren't a whole lot of advantages to living in Michigan these days, but we generally have pretty lovely Springs and Falls...even our Summers aren't too bad. This year, not so much.

Of course Miles, my native Chilean, seems much less perturbed than I am about all this. As long as I keep the mosquitoes at bay (by loading him up on toxic bug spray, sigh), he really doesn't seemed bothered by the weather. Goody for him. I for one couldn't WAIT to get myself and the dogs home today, where we are currently recovering in the sweet A/C. I know, I know, tough life:-) I can whine with the best of them. Still, we live in the fricking Northern Hemisphere, and it would be nice to reap the benefits again...preferably SOON, Mother Nature. Thanks a bunch.

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  1. Oh geez, you're not kidding!!! We seem to be having all our best days during the work week. There's been so much rain that the pastures and outdoor arena at J's barn are like mud swamps and the Skeeters are atrocious! :) I am hoping that the past few weeks have been flukes and that the weather will even out for a traditionally beautiful Michigan summer.