Friday, June 18, 2010

Days of Calm

At the barn, at least. Work is crazy. My dad got out of the hospital after a two plus week stay (he is OK and recovering, thank goodness). Kyle has been swamped at work, and though he works from home I feel like I barely see him. He usually comes to bed about 3 hours before I have to get up at 6:30. So thank goodness I have the barn, and these two ridiculously adorable boys to great me every other day or so.

OMG here comes the hay lady!

I haven't had a ton of rides the last couple weeks, and when I do ride I just can't bring us to do anything remotely challenging...bad, bad bad. Still, it's been exactly what I've needed on those particular days. There is a "Fun Show" at our barn in July-I'm slightly tempted to enter us in a walk trot class, just to see...where we're at. There's no show clothes required, what else do I want? Well, I guess I want to see him in that environment first. I've never ridden him in an arena with more than 2 or 3 horses in it, let alone a warm-up type setting. I think the smart thing is just to get him out, let him graze and look at all the commotion, lunge, and maaaaaybe ride him if he's got a brain in his head amid horse show chaos. There's a dressage show at our barn next week that I'm going to scribe for half the day (so NOT tempted to enter that!), but that will give me a gauge for how he is with showing as well.

Still, I look at this face and think, who WOULDN'T give him a blue ribbon, despite the monkey on his back? I mean, seriously.

This picture kills it.

It's hot again this weekend, so I think Mr. Handsome will get a bath-his first one yet!! Well, obviously by me. I'm excited, I'll admit it. Anything to make him pretty. I needed to take more pics anyway.

In unrelated to horses news, we took the dogs swimming today. Gosh, they are hilarious.

Lebowski (aka Bean) turns into a two year old again, I swear. That dog LIVES to swim. Of course, right now, they are pooped. Just how I like them:) Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. Sounds like a good plan testing the waters at a schooling show.

    I've always wanted to scribe for dressage, reining and trail because I think you can learn a lot by doing it. One of these days I might actually get to do that.

  2. I'll definitely post my experience! I'm actually starting to get a little nervous already...though I'm very excited to get Miles out in the action as well, if I have time.

  3. Tired Dogs= Happy Dogs... unfortunateley (sp?) I have no idea how to tire mine out!