Saturday, June 26, 2010

Removing a Fly Mask in (Several) Easy Steps!

This blog is brought to you by Amanda, my friend at the barn who owns 3 horses and realllllly needs to start her own:) She took these hilarious pictures today after I left the show, and I asked Miles to add his own commentary. Since he seems to be such an expert. Jerk.

Miles here! Gawd, do I hate these funky masks my girl always makes me wear. Summer Time is Naked Time, amirite? It's kind of a pain to get them off, but once you're successful your owner is sure to blame it on your pasture mate anyway. As long as you make doe eyes at her and occasionally act like you can stand her presence, she'll be putty in your hands. So, the masks. How ridiculous is this thing anyway?

I look like a tool! This cannot stand. I am a regal thoroughbred who is to be admired at all times!

The key is getting the ears off first-unfortunately, this part is top secret. However, get yourself that far, get yourself on the ground, and follow these easy steps.

This is my favorite part, as success is clearly eminent. It's hard not to smile. It's all roses from here on out.

Told you!!! The key now is to get up, up, up, before anyone sees you!

Stomp on the damn thing for good measure, then go go go, what are you waiting for?!?!

Return to pasture mate, resume grazing, and wait for the admiring looks to come your way again.

Sarah back in. All I have to say is he better not complain when I start slathering fly repellent ointment around his eyes and ears from now on. Silly vain thoroughbred.


  1. LOL, how funny. He is totally caught! What a cute horse you have :).

  2. Thanks you guys! I'm kind of a goober, I know. These pictures just crack me up though! Especially the one where he gets it off and is getting off the ground-that look is classic Miles!

  3. LOL!! Loved the pictures and Miles input! So funny and he's a total beaut!!!