Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Did I ever tell you my horse is adorable?

So I lunged Miles tonight, working a LOT on trot to canter transitions, particularly to the right. He got his lead every time, which is GREAT, but tells me obviously I'm doing something to make him crooked under saddle since we have somewhat of an issue getting that lead. ANYWAY, he's a good boy, I suck, no big news there.

After lunging (which I did in his leather halter instead of a bridle or his rope halter, just to see if he's gotten any lighter-he has! Again, good boy:), I worked on flexing him (getting him to give to pressure by turning his head and softening). NOT the thing to do in a nice, wide, comfy leather halter, I realize.

I stood at his left side, behind his shoulder. I set my right hand on his rump and brought my left hand up just past his withers, where I would ask him to flex if I were on his back. Miles turned his head, looked at me, leaned on the halter, and shut his eyes. You guys, it was the cutest thing. He was all, "I'm tired after all those transitions, mom. Thanks for holding me up." It was so precious. I felt really, really bad when I had to bump on him and make him give and soften before I let him relax. Training is training, sigh.

It's just amazing to me how far my boy has come. From not being able to leave the barn and screaming for other horses, to being so relaxed by himself with me in the ring that he can fall asleep. Love love love. Love my boy.

Mini flex! Also that lovely, soft expression I see more and more of these days.


  1. Awwww...Miles is very handsome (and cute) indeed! It's so nice to have that progression in training. It's cool to hear how far you've come. Good job!!

  2. Haha, thanks JJ:) I feel like so many of my posts are all, "ohhh, look at my beautiful adorable horse who's so awesome!", but then I guess that's sort of what mommy-bloggers do all the time with their kids right? If we can't brag here then where? It's a good thing I'm not a mom, lol.
    Plus he is adorable;) And most days I think he's come this far in spite of me:)

  3. awwww sweet sweet smart Miles. :)
    He sounds like his inner self is coming out and he's happy!