Monday, June 28, 2010

FINALLY!! A Beautiful Day!

I cannot WAIT to get out of this here office and get outside to play with my pony. It's so absolutely gorgeous outside, I want to RIDE. It's actually kind of exciting to have a show to work towards...July 7th, next Wednesday, we shall make our debut, show clothes or no show clothes (hint-it will be no show clothes).

I never thought I'd actually enter a walk/trot class again after I turned oh, let's see, maybe 10 years old, but I'm not feeling as silly about it as I thought I might. For one thing, our right lead is still SO hit or miss. I've also never actually cantered him in a ring with other horses who are also cantering...hmmm, wonder what that would look like to him? I'm sure no racing memories would be inspired by this scenario! In addition, we've not picked up the canter from a walk yet, though I'm eager to try this and see if it doesn't improve our transitions or shoot them all to hell. Anyway, 3 good reasons (and believe me, there's more!) to play it safe at our first show.

So, yay! I'm already picking out saddle pad/shirt combinations. I'm thinking either a teal or light blue ensemble-he looks smashing in either. Who says western people have all the fun? I'm still not sure on white polos or no polos. This show's gone rouge, I'm so confused! There are no rules! There are no limits!

Ugh, I've always sucked at fashion, and horse show fashion is obviously no different. For now, I'm going to count the minutes until I can blast out of here and get to the barn, to ride in what looks to be 75 degrees and sunny weather. Not a bad Monday in store, all in all, not bad at all.


  1. Ahhh - yay! So your going to an open show? I think light blue, in my humble (and boring) opinion, for huntseat it's always best to stay conservative with the colors. I have a blue hunt shirt, and I love it!! Let me know if you ever need to borrow anything or what not...I don't have the best equipment or clothes around, but I'm not using any of it right now, so it's a good way to try something aout before purchasing :)

    It is a nice day today, I was thinking that as I pulled into work. I work in downtown Lansing, so atleast I can walk to lunch and get outside for a bit!

  2. Yep, it's just a Twilight Fun Show at my barn...I think it's going to be about as laid back as you can get:) Which is a good thing because I don't own a pair of beige breeches or tall boots, lol!!!
    I think you're right on the light blue-and I'll probably just pick up a light blue collard polo shirt or something, and wear my black breeches with half chaps. Class, all the way! Thanks for the offer though:)

  3. SO fun and whyyyyyy do I have such bad show anxiety...ugh...I SUCK at showing due to nerves and should get a blue for that, lol!
    Can't offer any advice on show clothes being the last time I showed was 1995!! Yikes.
    Best of luck and get lots and LOTS of grooming for the show pics, the actual show pics and all your success!! :)

  4. Oh Kristen, you have no idea how nervous I'm going to be:) It's going to hit me soon, I know it!
    I will definitely get pics:)