Friday, June 25, 2010

Show Time!

Haha, of course not for me! The dressage show my barn is putting on is tomorrow-I'll be there bright and early to do the announcing for the morning. Ugh, I hope I don't blow it. Originally I was going to scribe in the afternoon but something came up. Still, I'm looking forward to it. You never know, maaaaaaaybe next year I won't be volunteering because I'll be riding. Maaaaaaaaybe.

I hope to have enough time after I'm done announcing to take Miles out to see the sights. If he has his wits about him I'd love to hop on and ride him for a bit before I have to leave.

I ran out to the barn at lunch today to feed him his beet pulp and clean him off a bit before tomorrow (WHY did I bother with the bath less than two days ago?). He and LaShore have now moved to the field next to their pasture (which is VERY grazed down) during the day, and this field has LOTS more grass , so I'm super happy about that and hope that will help cover those ribs of his even more. It's probably just a temporary situation, but I feel much better knowing he's got access to grass all day. Poor LaShore is a founder risk, so we have to watch him (and he's the reason they couldn't be out on rich grass before now), but honestly it's a small price to pay because those two get along SO well. After what happened with Ebony (being kicked) and Cody, another horse at the barn that went seriously lame after being kicked by a herd mate, having my boy out 24/7 with a horse that he can play with and yet I trust not to hurt him (and vice versa!) is invaluable.

Back to this afternoon-even with all that yummy grass he was eating at the far end of the field, as soon as he saw me he ran down to the gate, and if horses could smile I'm quite sure he would have been. I'm so, so lucky to have him-he made it almost impossible to go back to work;) He definitely makes it impossible for me not to grin like an idiot and laugh out loud at this horse I love so, so much.

Update: Whew, I am pooped! Super fun time this morning though, and I only announced the wrong entry once and quickly corrected it! Miles was a superstar-I had very little time so I dragged him out of the field, brushed him, threw the tack on him and led him into the chaos. He was looky and a bit tense under me, but other than that was happy to take in the sights and sounds without overreacting. I think we might have to enter our first show in July after all-gulp.


  1. So, I'm assuming soon you will see him get coverage on his ribs..that grass will work wonders! :)
    How long have u had Miles for?
    Love how clean he looks...and I know the feeling of pride when they gleam, but we look like muddy, dusty, sweaty messes. lol!
    Have fun at the show! :)

  2. Just discovered you! Your boy is beautiful - but then I'm a big fan of bays. Have an OTTB and also a TBx (along with 3 others who are retired). Looks like you've got the blogging thing down!

  3. Kristen, I HOPE so!!! I honestly don't mind a little rib, but it makes me nervous, I admit it...if he were to get sick or something he doesn't have a lot of weight to spare! I also wouldn't feel comfortable with him going into a Michigan winter looking like this, so I'm still hoping to put another fifty lbs. on him or so.

    Welcome Kate! How funny I was just checking out your blog not too long ago:) Your horses are stunning, and FIVE of them, plus kids...well, you have my admiration:) I'm really just fumbling my way through but thanks for the compliment! I do love my big bay OTTB-in fact, I feel a post coming on apologizing for all my bragging. Believe me, it's all him, I'm just along for the ride:)

  4. Oops sorry Kristen, I've had him since September 2009.

  5. Have you tried either rice bran or soaked beet pulp to put weight on him - we've had good luck with both. Also, is he up to date on worming? Also, are there any dental issues? Is he a good eater - horses that don't eat well sometimes have ulcers. Good luck!

  6. Not rice bran, but he has been on soaked beet pulp 4-5 times a week for the last 3 weeks. I'm fastidious on de-worming (and we have a vet student at the barn who's in his 3rd year I believe and keeps us up to date on the latest research surrounding parasite control). Teeth floated about 4 months ago, no trouble chewing, great appetite. I suppose you can never really rule out an ulcer, especially on a TB, but he's got literally no symptoms-no touchiness around his belly/girth area, not spooky, etc. I really think it's just him, and being out on the grass will be very helpful. I'll keep updating though with pictures and y'all can help me determine how he looks month to month:)