Monday, June 14, 2010

Do You Want Your Own Miles (And Really, Who Doesn't)?

Introducing Explosive Rocket at New Vocations.

Now, I don't know anything about this horse other than what is posted here on his site. However, he shares the famous Mr. Prospector as a grand sire with Miles.

Look at that head! Look at those EARS!  It's uncanny, I tell you.  Man, it's a good thing I'm not independently wealthy:) Dammit, WHY is that?  I want this horse.  His description:

"Rocket is anything but explosive! This grandson of Mr. Prospect is a very well mannered and fun loving horse. He is a happy horse who simply goes around and does whatever you ask. Rocket only raced 2 times and was retired in January due to sustaining chips in his knees. He had surgery in February on both and was given a good prognosis for flat work and some lower level jumping. Now completely rehabbed Rocket is being schooled on the flat and is doing extremely well. He would be a fun horse for someone wanting to do dressage or lower level jumpers, he also would be a nice pony club prospect. He has a good mind, is very willing, and teachable. He gets along well with his pasture mates, has good ground manners, stands for farrier, bathing, etc…."

Someone adopt this sweet boy, and then start a blog so I can watch his progress. Yeah, he's got a wonky eye, but I think that just makes him that much cooler. I like the freaks, y'all should know that by now.


  1. He looks like a total sweetheart!! Don't tempt me with your TB's - - ahhhh - I'm looking away now :).

  2. why can't I be wealthy with land?!?!??!!!!!!!!

  3. JJ and you're so close! C'mon.....;)
    Kristen, I think about that all the time lately, lol! I want my own herd of OTTBs in my backyard!