Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Mosquitos Have Eaten Us Alive..Today in Pictures

UGH the mosquitos have been out in full force the last couple of days. My poor Miles decided to get himself as caked-in-mud as possible to escape their torment (smart boy). I totally should've gotten a before picture, but after about 2 solid hours of scraping, currying, brushing, picking, wiping and spraying I got my boy as pretty and shiny as could be without a full blown bath. I'm pretty proud of my handiwork if I do say so:) Miles is pretty thin-skinned (I know, a thoroughbred-what are the odds!!), but put up with all my (vigorous) grooming because I kept him busy munching hay and beet pulp mash the whole time:) Behold, my shiny beast as I let him wander around the (enclosed) barnyard after all "our" hard work.

His classic side profile

Again! In case you didn't appreciate him the first time:)

Hello Sir! You are handsome. You can see that I am also handsome, yes?

Let us be handsome together.

Another new friend! Do you see how shiny I am, small equine?

Enough with the pictures lady. You have not offered me foodstuffs in many minutes.

Look there! I see much grass for eating! You shall be allowed one more picture and then I'm out of here.


  1. He is very handsome! You're right about the skeeters, they are awful this year :(.

  2. I have pretty much no idea what you're talking about. But I will stick around for captions such as these. ;) Miss you lady!

  3. JJ-I'm pretty sure I should've gotten the West Nile Virus vaccine, lol. I'm so glad Miles is up to date. I hope this bug situation is temporary! I'll take flies any day over these skeeters.
    LISTY!!!! Thanks for reading. I know it's a lot of horsey jargon. Miss you too!

  4. LOL! Miles is funny.
    Bugs suck and so do the MILLION mosquito bites I have on my legs, arms and FACE! I do use Mosquito Halt on Laz and it works!!! Thin skinned too, he welts up poor babe.
    Miles is just soooo handsome! :)